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Use The Six-Stat System to Get Clarity in Life

I’ve seen other people’s approaches to this, but it’s never quite satisfied me. This is my version of it. You’ll also notice that health, wealth, and social come up several times. They’re important and have many different aspects that influence our lives.

You have two options when doing the activity below.

  1. Quick play: Quickly rate your satisfaction from 1-5 in each of the stats, then move on to the next step.
  2. Standard play: Allot yourself 20 points and spread them out according to how satisfied you are, then move on to the next step. This really isn’t necessary, but it’s kind of fun 🙂

For both modes, the higher the number is, the more satisfied you are. I’ve added some sub-categories to help get a better idea of what the trait signifies. Don’t worry about any of the specifics like, “Does this really fit in this category?” because there’s another step. The step after will clarify everything further.

Part 1: The Basic Six

Strength: Points ____

Strength is the measurement of your ability to withstand great force or pressure. A low score means you’re falling apart in one of the main areas of health, wealth, or social.

  • Health – Are you physically healthy?
  • Wealth – Are you financially able to withstand a sudden blow to your bank?
  • Social – Is social pressure causing you stress?

Constitution: Points ____

Constitution is the measurement of your life-force – what let’s you continue living. With low constitution, you won’t have that inner flame to better yourself and create a life worth living.

  • Determination – Are you motivated and driven to reach a higher level?
  • Hobbies – Do you have a range in interests to stimulate growth and passion?
  • Support – Do you have meaningful bonds with people who support you?

Dexterity: Points ____

Dexterity is the measurement of your ability to perform tasks gracefully. In this case, consider it to be how well you’ve balanced your goals and current resources. A low score in dexterity means you need to better align yourself with your environment and goals.

  • Aim of life – Are you shooting wildly, praying that you’ll reach your goal?
  • Time management – Are you using your time efficiently?
  • Balance – Do you focus too much on health / wealth / social while neglecting others?

Intelligence: Points ____

Intelligence is the measurement of your ability to take in and apply new information – preferably relevant to your daily life and future goals. A low score means you think you don’t have the actual skills or information necessary now or are not in the process of training them for the future.

  • Mind – Have you studied enough and learned the facts, data, or details necessary?
  • Body – Do you physically know how to do what you want to do?
    I don’t know how to swim.
    I want to be healthier, but I don’t know where to start.
    I need to practice (apply) my painting skills.
  • Soul – Are you applying your unique strengths to match your personal and professional goals?

Wisdom: Points ____

Wisdom is the measurement of knowledge, experience, and good judgement. A low score in wisdom means your knowledge and judgement based on relevant personal experiences is lacking. You struggle with things because you’ve never experienced them or never thought about how to do them differently.

  • Willpower – Are you pursuing the right things because you know from experience that it’s the right choice? Or do you give in to temptation
  • Varied experiences – Have you tried many things to get a feel of what you like or dislike – or are you stuck in your comfort zone?
  • Spirit – Do you feel positively about your life?

Charisma: Points ____

Charisma is the measurement of your presence and ability to compel and inspire people. A low score means you struggle with social interactions in some way.

  • Personality – Do you like who you’ve become in terms of your personality?
  • Aura – Are you a positive force in other people’s lives?
  • Leadership – Are you a leader or authority in something? Can people come to you for advice?

Part 2: Digging Down

I’ve already made several smaller categories within the stats above, but now it’s time to break it down further. Do this based on your own relevant ideas!

For example, reading through the stats, the IntelligenceBody section from above stood out as a sore spot for you. You want to learn to swim.

Break that into 6-8 smaller categories.

  • Fear of drowning
  • Bodily appearance
  • Cost to learn to swim
  • Time
  • No nearby gym
  • Not motivated

Now rate those as 1-5 in terms of how satisfied you are just like in Part 1.

  • Fear of drowning – 3
  • Bodily appearance – 2
  • Cost to learn to swim – 4
  • Time – 1
  • No nearby gym – 2
  • Not motivated – 1

This shows us that Time and Motivation are a problem – so it’s probably Motivation. If you were motivated to learn, you’d make time for it.

Part 3: 3 Questions

Now that you’ve found your weakest spot, it’s time to make a plan to fix it.

“But I thought I was just trying to get clarity?”

Well, what’s the point in knowing how badly you need to fix something if you’re not going to do anything about it?

Ask yourself these 3 questions:

  1. If you had one year to ease yourself into a plan to fully deal with this problem, what would you do?
  2. If you had to shrink that plan to one week, how would you do it?
  3. If you had to do it tomorrow, what’s your first step?

Good! Now get started on it! No excuses!


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