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How to Date a Geomancer

Look at the love and joy in that face. What Each Caster Wants in a Relationship – Part 1 I’m doing a series of posts – 4 to be exact – about what each caster wants in a relationship. I know we all aren’t casters, but I’m going to talk specifically to the highest judging function within… read more »

How Casters Deal With Problems

How do mages and healers deal with problems? This post is about WHAT THEY ARE, HOW THEY WORK, and HOW THEY APPROACH NEW SITUATIONS AND PROBLEMS. Last is YOUR QUEST. This post is based on the previous one called HOW SCOUTS DEAL WITH PROBLEMS. But you can start reading from either one. What Is a Caster? I’ve been working with the… read more »

Mages: Dwarf vs Elf

What’s the deal with Dwarf mages and Elf mages? Let’s take a look at how the Thinking functions work their brain-bending goodness! This is a follow-up to the last post on Healers, so I’m stickin’ with as close to an identical format as I can. Parmenides: “Let reason alone decide.” Dwarf mages and Elf mages are both decision makers (Judging functions) in your party. As you can imagine,… read more »

Basic Play Style Duo: Warriors and Mages xSTx

This post is meant to help people get a quick vision of what a xSTx temperament looks like from inside. No… we’re not going to be cuttin’ anyone up. We’re going to look at the mental wiring. It can get very complicated, but let’s take it easy this time and only look at the surface… read more »

Extroverted Thinking and Dwarf Mages

The imps tremble as the earth shakes below them. From the rubble rises a giant beast made of stone. Their master cannot save them from the unleashed power of the very land they stand on. A massive fist strikes the earth, stunning them. As they struggle to break free of the terror, a shadow emerges. The sky… read more »

Introverted Thinking and Elf Mages

Tiroothian walked slowly towards the remaining orcs and raised his hand level in front of him. A small orb rested inside his palm letting off an almost blinding light blue glow. It cackled and sizzled. He smiled and cautioned, ‘Incenendus Aves.’ Suddenly, the orb expanded to cover his body with pure energy. The orcs let out a ferocious yell and foolishly charged at… read more »