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How Scouts Deal With Problems

How do hunters and warriors deal with problems? This post is going to be about WHAT THEY ARE, HOW THEY WORK, and HOW THEY APPROACH NEW SITUATIONS AND PROBLEMS. Last is YOUR QUEST. This post is directly connected to the post called HOW CASTERS DEAL WITH PROBLEMS. It doesn’t matter which you read first. What Is… read more »

ISTJ’s Hero’s Journey 1: Of Light and Dark

Overview Following the Hero’s Journey outline, I made a simple story of one quest in the ISTJ’s adventure. First, we need to talk about The Characters, then we’ll follow the Hero’s Journey in Of Light and Dark. Next, there’ll be an Explanation of how ISTJ’s cognitive functions piece together. And last is Your Quest. I’ve added a couple **Alternate Reality** sections… read more »

Basic Play Style Duo: Warriors and Mages xSTx

This post is meant to help people get a quick vision of what a xSTx temperament looks like from inside. No… we’re not going to be cuttin’ anyone up. We’re going to look at the mental wiring. It can get very complicated, but let’s take it easy this time and only look at the surface… read more »