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How Scouts Deal With Problems

How do hunters and warriors deal with problems? This post is going to be about WHAT THEY ARE, HOW THEY WORK, and HOW THEY APPROACH NEW SITUATIONS AND PROBLEMS. Last is YOUR QUEST. This post is directly connected to the post called HOW CASTERS DEAL WITH PROBLEMS. It doesn’t matter which you read first. What Is… read more »

Basic Play Style Duo: Hunters and Healers xNFx

This is a follow-up to my previous post Basic Play Style Duo: Warriors and Mages xSTx. You should read that first before digging into this one. But I’m not your mother, so if you really don’t want to, I wish you the best. Let’s get right into it. We’re going to look at how xNFx (NF)… read more »

Introverted iNtuition and Elf Hunters

Whispersong This rare recursive bow has been expertly constructed of sentient strongbark. Its string is made from giant chestnut-scaled boar sinew, a legendary beast. The limbs have been decorated with a seemingly glowing thread and end in curves shaped like blades.The stock is wrapped in rare leather and decorated with ominous carvings. The wide quiver is made from… read more »

Extroverted iNtuition and Dwarf Hunters

A flurry of bullets burrow their way into the beast. It lets out a deafening roar and falls to the ground. The air gives off a strong metallic scent. Hundreds of blood droplets rain down and coat the grass like a morning dew. Blood flows out a giant gash in Nes’ arm and drips off of the… read more »

Nisirai and Nes, Hunters

What is a hunter? Let’s talk about hunters. A hunter’s job is to gather information. They scout, trap, track, and stalk that information as their prey. They’re both following leads to pick up on patterns. Hunters look for abstract signals that connect the beast to other things. They’ll see a scratch on a tree and… read more »