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How to Date a Cleric

What Each Caster Wants in a Relationship – Part 2 This is the 2nd in a series of posts – 4 to be exact — about what each caster wants in a relationship. The 1st one is HERE. I know we all aren’t casters, but I’m going to talk specifically to the highest judging function within your stack…. read more »

How Casters Deal With Problems

How do mages and healers deal with problems? This post is about WHAT THEY ARE, HOW THEY WORK, and HOW THEY APPROACH NEW SITUATIONS AND PROBLEMS. Last is YOUR QUEST. This post is based on the previous one called HOW SCOUTS DEAL WITH PROBLEMS. But you can start reading from either one. What Is a Caster? I’ve been working with the… read more »

ENFJ’s Hero’s Journey 1: The Town of Goldberry

Overview Following the Hero’s Journey outline, I made a simple story of one quest in the ENFJ’s adventure. First, we need to talk about The Characters, then we’ll follow the Hero’s Journey to save the Town of Goldberry. Next, there’ll be an Explanation of how ENFJ’s cognitive functions piece together and last is Your Quest. This… read more »

Healers: Dwarf vs Elf

What’s the deal with Dwarf healers and Elf healers? Let’s take a look at how the Feeling functions work their healy goodness! Dwarf healers and Elf healers are both decision makers (Judging functions) in your party. As you can imagine, they both take feelings into account when they make decisions. It’s not just feelings, but needs and values as well. Dwarf healers… read more »

Basic Play Style Duo: Hunters and Healers xNFx

This is a follow-up to my previous post Basic Play Style Duo: Warriors and Mages xSTx. You should read that first before digging into this one. But I’m not your mother, so if you really don’t want to, I wish you the best. Let’s get right into it. We’re going to look at how xNFx (NF)… read more »

Extroverted Feeling and Dwarf Healers

Every muscle tenses as the fight begins Any delay and an ally will fall to foe With a blinding light, a ring bursts out from within Fearn It expands and divine energy envelopes those on the brink of death With their spirit raised, they fight on Stronger and more determined than ever The fight continues – Fearn Ironheart, Spiritual… read more »

Introverted Feeling and Elf Healers

I can feel his pain. He gave his all, and still… he cannot win. I will share his burden, I will support him. For all that is good within our world, We will push on. Evil will beg for our mercy. – Findion Elernae, Deathwatch Amulet Engraving Priests (Elf healers) journey through hardships and peril for a taste… read more »