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Introverted Sensing and Elf Warriors

guardian guardian_of_the_truth_by_blackfoxst-d5eo9sv
guardian guardian_of_the_truth_by_blackfoxst-d5eo9sv

“The shield rises as does the sun
Blows deflected, we are but one
Prepared to fight with glory and honor
The Stone Wall sings a song of power
– Silemem’ri, the Stone Wall

With a firm foot and a steady shield, guardians (Elf warriors) lead the way through immense experience. They know that to beat an enemy, they must hold a bigger burden than others. They carry this with them as a slow moving but very durable Hero. This also gives guardians an aura of calm commitment that other classes don’t have. Guardians are able to withstand immense punishment in the name of duty, dedication, and loyalty.


Hero in IS_J, Companion (auxiliary / main hand enchant) in ES_J, Newbie (tertiary / off-hand enchant) in IN_P, Escort (inferior / armor enchant) in EN_P

  • Tank
  • Protector


  • Experience – To learn more from, condense, and recall specific experiences


  • Values and preserves “the tried and true”
  • Respect authority
  • Thorough
  • Focused
  • Realistic
  • Factual
  • Practical
  • Solitude
  • Consistent
  • Disciplined
  • Prepared
  • Dedicated
  • Loyal
  • Hard-working
  • Attuned to inner-body sensations
  • Snapshots / impressions of the past (experience-focused)
  • Deep database of sensory data
  • Attention to details
  • Likes stability and order


  • Perseverance (steadily pushes forward)
  • Stable (low energy, anchored to reflection on the past)
  • Practiced (recall past details effortlessly, uses “training” to succeed in life)


  • Initiating with the unknown (quiet and relaxed observation, not proactive)
  • Handling new, uncharted areas (attached to routine, tradition, prefers familiarity)
  • Weak to chaos (despite all efforts, can get anxious and overwhelmed)


What Does Introverted Sensing Do?

Introverted Sensing focuses on tangible data picked up by the senses. But unlike Extroverted Sensing, Introverted Sensing stores those details in an internal database. It makes impressions or archetypes of that information. Those impressions are compared to the present situation and checked for similarities and differences. This data can be found in interactions with people, objects, events, or locations.

Everything must be checked with their knowledge of the past before it is accepted. Introverted Sensing has a bouncer that prevents new tangible data from getting in until other data vouches for it. It needs a reference. What is gets compared to what was. It’ll notice small differences or similarities. The past has already been experienced and is trusted, so if the thing is too different, it’s not let in.

When comparing previous occurrences, Introverted Sensing uses relevant senses. It isn’t necessarily looking at the whole picture, but rather how details compare to the past. Si will latch onto a color, texture, tone, etc., that it can find within its database. The carpet texture might feel like their childhood dog’s fur. A corner on a street in Yokohama, Japan might have the same energy as one in their hometown.

Familiarity is energizing to Introverted Sensing. It takes a lot of mental energy to constantly access the past and relate it to the present. So, when something comes to Si as an already known and trusted piece of information, it’s relieved. It frees the mind up to worry about other things.

Sensing isn’t abstract like iNtuition — it looks for specific details. Introverted Sensing sees things as pictures or movies of the past. Rich details come back to it and guide the user through the present. This is especially noticeable when walking around locations that the user has been to before. Even if they’ve only been there once, the Introverted Sensor can re-experience details. They’ll know the layout of the area based on what they noticed last time. 

What’s a Guardian (Elf Warrior) Like?

“If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” is their slogan. They see little reason in fiddling with routines that are already working. This goes for rules, tradition, preferences, et cetera. 

Elf warriors are careful and composed. They’re very different from Dwarf warriors. You won’t see them charging into a group just to see what the group is made of. The approach is cautious. The choice of gear: Sword and Shield. Patience is key. If they don’t gather all the details needed first, mistakes will be made. And mistakes aren’t allowed in battle.

They’re composed and unimpulsive tanks. There’s no need to start a fight before everything is ready. But when it does start, expect the Elf warrior to be solid and focused. Elf warriors have an immense database of past information that they cypher through. When they find something familiar, they pass the details to the mage or healer to make the best plan of attack.

Methodical steps based on routine yield the best results for Elf warriors. They need consistency to feel like they have control over the situation. Having to improvise causes problems because they might not have anything in their memory banks to base their actions on. This manifests itself in an orderly, reserved, and conservative personality. As mentioned above, tradition is trusted and has priority over exploration of new possibilities.

Since they’re focused on routine, Elf warriors are very consistent. You can count on them eating the same food and taking the same path to work. They’ll use phrases that are rather cliche because they hold meaning for them. Stability is important in all aspects of their lives.

Being warriors, they prefer details and factual information over the abstract. This often means they’re more economical. They keep track of expenses and fluctuation in costs. Practical spending of energy is also a priority. They have to budget today so that they’re physically or cognitively available tomorrow. This makes Elf warriors thorough with making plans. Having things decided helps them prepare for what will happen ahead of time. 

Loyalty is a key characteristic of Elf warriors. They give it and expect it back. This makes them dependable, hard-working employees and friends. If you need help, you can rely on an Elf warrior to be there. Because loyalty is so important to them, they seem to have a strong ability to persevere. When a person, or their future, is counting on them, they can’t back down. You’ll see them working harder and longer than most and put in more effort to maintain their level of commitment.


kingsAmong Kings – Raise your party’s experience to match the highest authority. Highly regard authority or more experienced people and learn from their behaviors.

battle-trainingBattle training – You’ve trained hard and learned from the best – take less damage. Focus on the “tried and true” methods to inform decisions.

second-wind2Second wind – Regenerate yourself quickly when out of combat. Use existing resources when possible – “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!”

second-windMoment of clarity – Become untargetable. Go into your past and use it to make sense of the environment.

shield-bash2Shield slam – Stun and do damage. Every bit of experience and resources add up when tackling a task. 

by ZBCShield block – Predict and block an attack. Predictability is important when building structure for your life.

shield-blockShield wall – Raise your shield and defend against all damage. Embrace and seek out stability and safety in the world.

shield-throwShield throw – Throw your shield to catch your target off-guard. Check-in with past sensory data or experiences and compare them to current stimuli.

reflectPhysical projectile reflection – Reflect ranged physical damage. Look to tangible, sensory information instead of abstract ideas and theory. 

kickKick – Push new threats back until you’re ready to accept or reject them.

stabilizeStabilize – Remove and protect against conditions for a brief time. Make meticulous plans to prevent problems or recover from them.

resist-chaosResist chaos – Resist chaos damage. Build firm habits and routines, making sure things are familiar and consistent.

vigilanceVigilance – Shake off debuffs and ailments quicker. Notice inner bodily sensations like hunger, tension, pain, and stress more easily than others.

tauntTaunt – Taunt targets to attack you. Take on more duty and responsibility than most – you know you can handle it and you want it done right.

Silemem’ri Larethdal, Pre-made Elf Warrior

On a whim, Silemem’ri suggested that his brother, Kaelar, join him in search of adventure and glory in the war. They entered as last minute recruits, despite not being properly trained for combat. Several weeks in, their scouting group was overrun by Orcs. Only Silemem’ri was able to escape as his brother distracted them and fought to his death.

Silemem’ri returned home, alone and sobbing. His mother died of grief after hearing of Kaelar’s death. His father, having lost his wife and eldest son, died shortly after.

Silemem’ri chose to join the sentinels to protect the kingdom and overcome his regret. After Kaelar’s death, Silemem’ri became stoic and disconnected from much of the present world. He cares not for fantasy or lawlessness. Hardened by war and tragedy, he became extremely focused on improving in shield usage and swordsmanship. In times of peace, he trained day in, day out. Through constant repetition, he built on his foundations. He methodically absorbed every piece of information possible connected to his fighting style. He also re-framed the younger, wilder recruits and instructed them on proper form and technique.

In the Fifth Great Battle, he was hit with a sudden insight. It almost seemed as though he knew the underlying structure of the battle. His memories somehow became linked to a vast consciousness of those of the past. This gave him almost tangible visions of what would come. Events would play out in his mind in vivid detail. He now had an even larger database of instances to compare the present to. This database expanded his strategy through expectations and predictions of the future.

After the war, he embarked on a journey to bring justice to the Orcs and to maintain Elven traditions.

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