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Roll Call! An Easy Technique for Insane Personal Growth

Hey! What’s up team!

This is a follow-up on the Roll Call! video.

Roll call is a way to remind yourself of your strengths and a way to “train” the Heroes within you in order to bring conscious awareness to your habits so you can be more Honoring, Energized, Responsible, and On-Purpose.

Here’s a list of apps similar to Mind Jogger that I personally have not tried out. (Android) (iOS)

Once again, an app isn’t necessary if you link the roll call idea to a frequent action so you remember to do it. I remind myself to roll call when I make eye-contact with people.

Heroic Key States

Below is a list of resources for you to pick and choose from to match your function stack or key areas that you feel could use some more awareness in. Comment below or in the YouTube channel and I’ll add your ideas to this list!

The Priest: Seeking Identity – Feelings
  • Inspiring
  • Empathetic
  • Authentic
The Cleric: Establishing Bonds – People
  • Sharing
  • Attentive
  • Motivating
The Geomancer: Executing Plans – Actions.
  • Focused
  • Driven
  • Effective
  • Agenda
  • Structure
  • Compartmentalize
  • Measuring (showing stats, health points, abilities, etc.)
The Archanist: Analyzing Frameworks – Thoughts
  • Inquisitive
  • Objective
  • Precise
The Berserker: Acting Instinctively – Tools
  • Present
  • Active
  • Dynamic
The Guardian: Protecting Standards – Memories
  • Stabilizing
  • Dutiful
  • Specializing
  • Meticulous
  • Consistent
  • Experiences
The Gunslinger: Exploring Possibilities -Imagination.
  • Creative
  • Witty
  • Free
  • Change
The Sentinel: Assimilating Insights -Organizations.
  • Insightful
  • Synthesizing
  • Contemplative

Function Stack Cheat Sheet

Here’s the list of all the parties and the order of command in case you don’t know your “cognitive function stack” yet.

MBTI – HeroCompanionNewbie – Anti hero

ESFP – Se – Fi – Te – Ni

ISFP – Fi – Se – Ni – Te

ESFJ – Fe – Si – Ne – Ti

ISFJ – Si – Fe – Ti – Ne

ESTP – Se – Ti – Fe – Ni

ISTP – Ti – Se – Ni – Fe

ESTJ – Te – Si – Ne – Fi

ISTJ – Si – Te – Fi – Ne

ENFP – Ne – Fi – Te – Si

INFP – Fi – Ne – Si – Te

ENFJ – Fe – Ni – Se – Ti

INFJ – Ni – Fe – Ti – Se

ENTP – Ne – Ti – Fe – Si

INTP – Ti – Ne – Si – Fe

ENTJ – Te – Ni – Se – Fi

INTJ – Ni – Te – Fi – Se

Try it out for a few weeks and really embrace commanding the Hero archetypes within you in order to level up and live a better life! 🙂

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