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Balancing your priorities with other people is harder than ever. At work, at home, in games, you’re swarmed with people that are seemingly only in it for themselves. When was the last time you joined a group and had complete cooperation without tension? How about people stepping over you to get what they want? Or how about someone trolling you because they’re having a bad day?

But there is a way to cut through your personal and professional problems in a unique and helpful way. I made BOSS mod to better answer my daily questions and concerns about how people work, but with a gamified twist. I now use this information for gamers who yearn for more control in their lives, over their emotions, and a deeper understanding of others.

As a gamer and a lifetime student of psychology, I’ve turned myself into a self-proclaimed master of adapting human interactions to video games. I’ve always been intrigued by psychology books, articles, websites, lectures, seminars, videos, and anything I could wrap my hands and brain around. I’ve played uncountable hours of games (and still do!).

I know what I’m talking about and I love psychology and games.

This psychological system has been in the works for 1,500+ years. Games have also always been a part of the human experience. But combining them has been a more recent adventure. People from all walks of life who are struggling to understand life at a deeper level have already experienced great success by implementing the information found in these systems.

My goal is to make it more entertaining.

I have used this mix of psychology and gaming to propel myself from a shy, awkward, and slightly creepy gamer, to a champion. I now live in Tokyo, ran a bar where girls paid me to drink with them, and was accepted into the master group of probably the most well-known pick-up artist.

Things can change with enough effort. But with this system it won’t feel like effort!

I promise that if you follow the path provided here, you’ll get an incredible amount of control over your mind. Your interactions with others will be WAY more fruitful. And you’ll never be able to look at the world in a boring way again.

Don’t sits down and idly watches life pass you by. Be the kind of person other people wish they could become! Be a BOSS that needs a raid party to be defeated. Be the kind of person other people see and say, “I wish I could be that natural with people!” Be the Hero who takes on great odds and comes out victorious time and time again.

Transform yourself now.

The fun mindset you’re about to learn has been used to create positive, long-lasting results. All you have to do is enter it in your brain like the Konami code. Study it and follow the guides. Each  page will give you great insight and help you gain more control over your quests in life.

Get on the right path, gear up, and have some fun crafting your new adventure.

What is MBTI and Why Do I Care?

MBTI stands for Myers-Briggs Type Indicator. It’s pretty much the standard personality test that people use.

It’s okay, but it focuses on behaviors, not the mental wiring behind them.

I prefer to understand the mental wiring so that I can predict the behaviors.

Do you see the difference?

Knowing the different preferences people can have gives us a way to understand ourselves and others. The more we know about ourselves, the more control we have of our own actions, emotions, and our interactions with the world.

I know it’s not for everyone.

Some people don’t care for anything that isn’t 100% proven by science. But you know what? If you can use it to help you live a better life, I say go for it. Introspection is so important, but not enough people do it! I personally think this is the best way to reach fulfillment in health (especially mental), wealth, and relationships.

Honestly, I think that science just hasn’t caught up to it. But there are now some key findings that relate your brain regions to what we’re going to talk about! Imagine all the flack that Edison, Franklin, or Aristotle got for their discoveries before they were proven.

Just because it’s not fully scientific, doesn’t mean it can’t be helpful.

How Do I Start?

Take an MBTI assessment. I’ll give you the shortest, most generic test possible right now. I do suggest that you take a detailed one though. Don’t overthink the questions. They are extremely general, but choose one of the letters in the parentheses for each question. Then write them down in the position it says. You’ll end up with four letters.

Position 1 of 4

(E) I like to meet new people and take action or (I) I like to reflect on my thoughts and ideas and need time before I act

Position 2 of 4

(S) I prefer concrete, tangible details and specifics or (N) I prefer general patterns and abstract ideas

Position 3 of 4

(T) I make decisions based on detached, logical, rational details or (F) I make decisions based on how it feels personally or with people’s feelings in mind.

Position 4 of 4

(J) I prefer to reach a decision, make a plan, or set a schedule or (P) I prefer to keep things open or be flexible with my plans

What Does It All Mean?!

You should have a four-letter code now. ISTJ, ENFP, ESFJ, INTP, etc.

Now, look up a profile in google or on this site. If it feels like you, then it could be the right temperament. Read some others and get an idea of which sound accurate and which don’t. When you find the right type, you should feel a sense of relief or happiness. It’s great knowing that people truly understand you!

Or take one of those longer tests like I mentioned. They’re really only 30-60 questions, so it’s not that bad. Especially when you begin to dig deep and realize your potential.

I’m an INFP. I’m introspective (I), I prefer abstract ideas and patterns (N), I make decisions after thinking about the feelings involved (F), and I usually keep my schedule and decisions open (P).

Not a bad summary from four questions, eh? You might be any combination of the pairs of I-E, S-N, T-F, and J-P.

This is not all. There’s more. There’s always more.

Breaking The Code

This is about to get real deep, real quick.

I lead with Introverted Feeling (Fi) which means I make decisions based on inner harmony and self-actualization. Self-actualization is basically the desire to reach your full potential. So this might not strike you as strange that I find it so important to know thyself. But this site isn’t just for me. It’s not just Introverted Feelers either!

It’s a way to understand people and get the most of life. It’s a way to build rapport easily and speak to my target’s core.

I interact with the outer world through exploring abstract ideas and patterns. This is called Extroverted iNtuition. When I’m stressed out, I go back into my past experiences to try to find routine and structure. It keeps me from interacting with the world and causes withdrawal. But it feels good because it’s my subjective past – something that I have give a lot of attention to as an introvert. Making solid, effective plans is my weak point that, if I worked on, could improve my decision-making and help me reach my full potential.

Oh, snap.

That’s a lot of information from a 4-letter code!

But most people don’t look past the behaviors.

Cool, But I Thought This Was About Games?

If you want to know more, please check out some of the classes and characters on this website.

I’ve split the cognitive functions (Introverted Sensing, Extroverted Thinking, etc.) into Dwarves, Elves, hunters, warriors, mages, and healers.

Dwarves are Extroverted functions (e) and Elves are Introverted functions (i).

Hunters are the iNtuition preference (N).

Warriors are the Sensing preference (S).

Mages are the Thinking preference (T).

Healers are the Feeling preference (F).

They have unique characteristics, abilities, and styles. I feel that they’re a great way of adding symbolism (and fun) to the temperaments. If you know the characters or essences in your mental wiring, you can approach life in unique ways. Tailored to your success, you can gain more out of the loot that life drops.

In this system, each of us has four elements working inside our minds. It’s a little off-putting at first, I know, but hear me out. Your main function, the one that leads you, is called the Hero. It’s called the dominant cognitive function in other systems. When you’re doing something that uses it to its full ability, you feel fully immersed and energized. This your flow state. It’s that feeling that comes out when you are doing something that you feel like you could do forever with no need to take a break.

So, your Hero embodies your class. Your life is not controlled by the Hero, but rather you are the Hero. For me, my Hero is Introverted Feeling. This makes me, at my core, an Elf healer or “priest.” The main goal of Elf healers is to assess and act on things in a way that boosts inner harmony and is authentic. They have a strong sense of what is right and wrong in terms of morality. This is how I prefer to make decisions in my life. It’s the leading style of my mental structure.

The next aspect is the main hand enchantment. All classes need balance, and this enchantment gives you that. It assists you with your quests. My Elf healer class can’t defeat dragons by healing them. We all need what’s technically called the auxiliary cognitive function to help our dominant function. My supporting essence is of a Dwarf hunter.

Think of this as a shotgun wielding gunslinger. It’s kind of wild and uncontrollable. It pushes me to always explore the outer world in search of bigger challenges and novelty. It doesn’t care for tangible details or anything that impedes personal freedom. These are attributes of the Extroverted iNtuition function.

These two aspects get along well and help me on most of my quests, but there are still two more. The off-hand enchantment is the third influence and it causes some problems. Frankly, it’s just not as skilled as the first two. It works at a level way lower than the heroic abilities, but it’s very easy to use. It’s seductive, in a sense, because it meshes so easily with your Hero.

It can bring some really good support to the build. For me, it’s the essence of an Elf warrior. The Elf warrior is the classic guardian with a sword and board. He’s dependable, methodical, and cares about upholding his team’s beliefs. He sets specific details to memory, recalls them, and then compares them to the present. This is how he trained for many years, practicing perfect form. This concept of imprinting and recalling sensory experiences is what Introverted Sensing does.

When my main hand’s abstract, creative, observational style isn’t cutting it, I turn to my off-hand. It tries to balance out the Dwarf hunter aspect and gives a long list of experiences to refer to when we run into new monsters.

But this is a third-tier essence, so it’s not very trustworthy. It keeps me safe in my Elven mindset and coaxes me to ignore the outer world. Too much of this means I’m stuck in the past and I ignore new experiences. Yuck.

Last, we have the armor. This is the least developed essence and… well… it causes even more problems. It’s a love-hate relationship though because you need armor, but you don’t want to get hit. It’s always going to be a difficult aspect to control because it’s the mirror opposite of the Hero.

The older I get the more comfortable I am with using it, but why wait!?

Being an Elf healer, I like inner peace and harmony mixed with some self-actualization as well. But my armor is enchanted with the essence of a Dwarf mage. Think of Dwarf mages as geomancers who manipulate the world around them. Dwarf mages will treat people like objects if they have to. They make quick decisions to reach goals. They’re not doing it to be mean or anything like that. It’s just how they work. They’re wired to make the most rational decisions with whatever information is there. Everything is seen as a means to an end. They’re objective and impersonal.

Healers, especially Elf healers, really don’t like this. But I can certainly learn a lot from them. It’s a completely different style of making decisions that balances my heroic abilities. But most of the time I ignore those aspects and strive to find an option that meshes with my morals and idea of my authentic self.

That’s My Build, It’s Time to Discover Yours

You’ve just read a bit about the INFP personality. But it’s not very detailed and, odds are, it’s not your personality type. It very well could be, but there are 15 other setups out there. Seems like a good thing to study up on a bit if you ask me. So it’s time to get crackin’!

Figure out which class you’ve been passively playing this whole time! Learn your build and slay some dragons!

  • Are you a… Free-Spirited, In the Moment, Kinesthetic, Fun, Casual, Easy-Going, Sympathetic, Entertaining, Sensitive, Talkative person? Check out ESFP
  • Are you a… Fun, Talkative, Inventive, Get-it-done, Hands-on, Practical, Active, Observant, Take-Charge, Charming person? Check out ESTP
  • Are you a… Sensitive, Talkative, Responsible, Generous, Attentive, Enthusiastic, Affectionate, Sympathetic, Warm, Outgoing person? Check out ESFJ
  • Are you a… Take Charge, Logic-driven, Decisive, Tenacious, Fast, Dependable, Proactive, High Energy, Outspoken, Straightforward person? Check out ESTJ
  • Are you a… Tenacious, Assertive, Strategic, Innovative, Proactive, High-Energy, Bold, Confident, Decisive, Take Charge person? Check out ENTJ
  • Are you a… Creative, Tenacious, Funny, Clever, Futuristic, Skeptical, Independent, Strategic, Unconventional, Adaptable person? Check out ENTP
  • Are you a… Collaborative, Visionary, Insightful, Spontaneous, Casual, Imaginative, Sensitive, Energetic, Gregarious, Idealistic person? Check out ENFP
  • Are you a… Values-Driven, Affectionate, Creative, Visionary, Charismatic, Planful, Talkative, Idealistic, Empathetic, Sensitive person? Check out ENFJ
  • Are you a… Free-spirited, Unassuming, Observant, Reserved, In the moment, Private, Spontaneous, Kind, Sensitive, Quiet person? Check out ISFP
  • Are you a… Quiet, Unflappable, Down-to-earth, Concise, Realistic, In the moment, Logic-driven, Spontaneous, Level-headed, Private person? Check out ISTP
  • Are you a… Planful, Decisive, Reserved, Precise, Sensitive, Private, Literal, Sympathetic, Efficient, Accommodating person? Check out ISFJ
  • Are you a… Clear, Methodical, Loyal, Precise, Realistic, Reserved, Meticulous, Responsible, Accurate, Literal person? Check out  ISTJ
  • Are you a… Deep, Reserved, Intellectual, Independent, Intense, Future-focused, Driven, Tenacious, Direct, Private person? Check out INTJ
  • Are you a… Analytical, Independent, Private, Unconventional, Skeptical, Logic-Driven, Witty, Original, Internally-Motivated, Disorganized person? Check out INTP
  • Are you a… Empathetic, Spontaneous, Caring, Sensitive, Unique, Calm, Reserved, Modest, Casual, Flexible person? Check out INFP
  • Are you a… Visionary, Empathetic, Reserved, Conscientious, Planful, Idealistic, Value-Driven, Sensitive, Perfectionistic, Private person? Check out INFJ

It’s time to take control of your life. You have the hidden abilities to SLAY YOUR DRAGONS and get EPIC loot – but you need training!

This is your Call to Adventure.

Break out of your shell and BECOME A HERO. BOSS mod is a new kind of approach to temperamental psychology. It digs into Carl Jung’s cognitive functions – the base for the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator – but then it merges it with fun role-playing game ideas. It goes against the idea that games and personal growth can work together.

There are three major problems that stop people from growth:

  1. They don’t know how to start.
  2. They’re afraid to start.
  3. They go the wrong direction.

My solution is to learn about your mental wiring. The advantage you get is OVERPOWERED. Discover how your mind works and you can CONQUER the world.

When you learn this system, you’ll…

  1. … know what motivates you, so you can start growing.
  2. … have more confidence because you know how people work way down in their core.
  3. … realize why it’s so easy to go the wrong way – there’s a secret that tempts you to stay where it’s safe. The longer you go down that path, the more difficult it is to backpedal.

While life isn’t all fun and games, BOSS mod: Call to Adventure is the easiest way for us gamers to embrace our PASSION all day. And as a bonus, instead of trudging through the world aimlessly, you can now find your TRUE PURPOSE!

Grab life’s controller. UNLEASH YOUR INNER HERO by finally putting points in the right talent trees. Enchant your weapons and armor.

Life is a game. This is the walkthrough.


Click below to get your loot!

21 PART VIDEO SERIES (4+ hours!)

In this series, I’ll walk you through learning about your personality by teaching you how each mental process works. By the end of the video series, you’ll know exactly how each style plays.

Using both RPG and technical terms, you’ll learn…

  • … both races that people play
  • … the tworoles – Scout and Caster
  • … the fourclasses and how they work
  • … the strengths and weaknesses of each
  • … the 16 builds and their enchantments

It’s now free! Click HERE to go to YouTube and watch the playlist!

And while you’re at it, BUY MY BOOK How to Slay Dragons and Understand People: MBTI and Personal Growth for Gamers on Amazon!


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