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How Leveling IRL Really Works

How leveling IRL really works is activity-based leveling. It’s that aspect of some RPGs where you gain proficiency in a skill or ability through use. If you don’t use it, you don’t level it up… you don’t improve.

Life is like this. We don’t instantly have 100% proficiency in anything without first having put some time into trying it. An ability doesn’t just magically unlock. I’m sure you know this, but many people forget this crucial mindset.

We swing our sword again and again until we learn how to properly wield it.

We study the spells until we fully know how to cast them.

We write, film, act, practice, meditate, and struggle repeatedly UNTIL WE GET IT. Until we’re confident enough.

And doing this expands our comfort zone and is what actually unlocks our abilities. This works with everything. It’s all a matter of acting, getting feedback, and continuing to act until we’ve acclimated to the task. This builds confidence and expands our comfort zones, letting us take on more and more diverse challenges.


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