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ISTP – Arcanist of Presence

ISTP boss-mod
ISTP boss-mod


ISTPs are typically thought of as…

  • Quiet
  • Unflappable
  • Down-to-earth
  • Concise
  • Realistic
  • In the moment
  • Logic-driven
  • Spontaneous
  • Level-headed
  • Private

Your 4-member party model (Ti-Se-Ni-Fe)

This post is done in the 4-member party system. It splits each of your cognitive functions into a character within your mental wiring. Think of it as your “adventuring party” that you have with you as you take on life’s dragons and quests.

Your “stack” (Ti-Se-Ni-Fe) is essentially the development level of the characters in your group.

The dominant function is the Hero. Level 30. It’s you and your heroic abilities.

The auxiliary function is the Companion. Almost level 30. It’s your “best buddy” and the one that’ll carry you to greatness when you can’t walk.

The tertiary function is the Newbie. Level 10. Don’t get too distracted by its playful and tempting allure. You need to balance the power between the Companion and the Newbie – if you don’t, you’ll miss out on powerful tactics.

The inferior / aspirational function is the Escort. Level 3 / AI. Help finish its quests for epic rewards.

This page uses information and backstories from the characters. You may want to read those before continuing. I’ll link below on each character’s name, share the Hero’s story, and also summarize the other stories.

Ti – Tiroothian the Arcanist

If you are an ISTP, your desire to make sense of models and systems is what leads you. You love taking things or ideas apart to discover exactly how they work. You seek accuracy and articulation. Your Ti side is the Hero. You are an arcanist – an Elf mage.

For those of us who are not ISTP, we’ll use the pre-made character, Tiroothian Haediir, as the Hero to get a better understanding.

Tiroothian and his family were imprisoned by Orcs. The Orcs tortured and killed his parents in front of a crowd during a long, drawn out ceremony. Tiroothian was young at the time and was released so he could tell others of the Orc’s acts.

On his long venture home, crying and furious, he swore that he would get revenge and find a way to destroy the Orcs. At that moment, he fell to the ground and entered a deep slumber. In his dream, his parents came to him and told him to follow the ways of magic to bring justice to the Orcs.

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Tiroothian gave away all his possessions and became an apprentice of Tulor Elenethran, a High Sorcerer. Tulor allowed him to study and practice in the Tower of Ages, the largest library and repository of magic and knowledge of the world. Tulor pushed him to study hard and learn everything about the inner workings of magic.

Tiroothian delved deep into his studies — so deep that he began to lose track of time as well as his handle on reality. Naming, categorizing, and improving spells became second nature. After hundreds of years of devotion to his studies, his parents came back to him in a dream and urged him to broaden his search for the true nature of magic.

Now, he expands his search to understand all there is about magic and bring justice to the Orcs. He makes well-researched, logical efforts to solve problems and improve his group’s odds in combat. For him, magic and knowledge have become a way of understanding the true nature of the world. Without a perfect model of the world, he believes we can never truly gain power and control our lives.

In summary, he seeks a universally stable understanding through deep and accurate exploration. He wants to prefect his spell-set and know exactly when and how to use that knowledge. Rather than controlling the outer world, he summons powerful abilities from within to gain leverage in fights.

For arcanists, the process of learning how to wield these spells is often more important than actually using them. Knowing how to do it alone gives a better understanding of the frameworks and systems behind them. Knowing the system allows for improvement and tweaking.

Se – Segrim the Berserker

You are a no-nonsense Elf mage who sees actions as correct or incorrect. Inconsistency within someone’s actions or ideas causes stress. Segrim, your berserker (Dwarf warrior) Companion, is here to shake things up. He teaches you the joys of putting that knowledge to practical use, right now.

Through adventuring together, you begin to focus more on real-world application of your knowledge. The spells and categorized systems weren’t used in the outer world before Segrim joined the adventure. Segrim leaves you no choice as he pulls monsters out of impatience. Segrim wants to immerse himself in whatever you encounter. In this way, you can cast a spell, see the results, and improve it immediately. This is key to your desire to actively solve problems.

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You two make a unique combination of flashy and intellectual as Segrim runs in and you understand the situation. You want to experience the tangible world and desire to fully comprehend the system underneath it. Segrim may trigger a trap, then you’ll examine its parts to see what it’s made of.

If Segrim leads too much, though, you’re forced to act first without assessing the situation – you act without thinking. This may cause aggression towards those who are getting in the way of your goals. In this power-balance, you find yourself mentally or physically somewhere you don’t want to be. You want to delve deep but can’t do it if you’re always moving. At some point, you need to regain your mana and piece together the systems at play.

Ni – Nisirai the Sentinel

The sentinel (Elf hunter), Nisirai, acts as a balance to Segrim’s here-and-now attitude. Nisirai brings deep insight and a long-ranged impact to your party’s adventures. Nisirai’s ability to switch perspectives to view the situation in new ways allows Segrim to follow his instincts. Segrim’s actions are analyzed by Nisirai for patterns and by you for logical consistency.

Nisirai’s addition to the group, even as the Newbie, shows you abstract possibilities. It allows you to piece together the puzzle of an even larger universal truth. If Segrim loses too much influence to Nisirai, the group will cut back on their adventures. You’ll get stuck with no way of actually interacting with the world. Two Elves are much more comfortable reminiscing and reliving the past.

Every once in a while, Segrim will try to regain control and unexpectedly start fights or bully people. If he’s been restrained for too long, Segrim may be rusty and misjudge the risks and rewards of a situation.

Fe – Fearn the Cleric

If you work as a team, your group will have a broad view of the impact you can make as well as the means of doing it. That is, unless the Escort causes too much trouble.

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Fearn, the cleric (Dwarf healer)… How could he possibly cause trouble? Well, you see yourself as a consistent, logical force in the world. But Fearn is willing to adapt his actions to fit the values of the larger group. Fearn looks at the feelings and personal needs of others — both are things that you generally ignore when possible. You’re happy to let people live how they please, but expects the same for yourself. Fearn wants people to live according to agreed upon social standards and rules.

Social considerations and small talk often drain you. Fearn tries to teach you about the necessities of joining a guild and sometimes relying on others. He’ll also show you that sometimes, the best choice isn’t the logically true one, it’s the socially harmonious one. Through Fearn, you’ll recognize the benefits of having more, stronger personal relationships.

ISTPs are not always able to skillfully show their emotions — it’s so far down the chain of command. But they do feel them a lot stronger than they’re able to show. Through completing more of Fearn’s quest line, you’ll gain a healthier perspective on interactions with others. Your actions can benefit the world and yourself a lot more than you know.


You are great at weighing pros and cons of risk and uncertainty. Segrim helps your party take action and fearlessly explore the tangible world. Nisirai tracks symbolic meaning and employs different perspectives to reach a realization. Fearn balances your detached logical decisions by reading and reacting to social needs.

Ti puts logical resource management to work and gains a deep understanding of models in the world. It extracts precise descriptions and notices small distinctions. Se seeks presence in the world. It uses active participation to bring out facts and details. Ni finds patterns and synthesizes them to one vision. This is how ISTPs can understand the workings underneath something like a machine without actually taking it apart. Fe is often seen as a trouble-spot for ISTPs, but it can be helpful from them to grow. Emotional awareness will let you do more through a broader reach of information and approaches.

Also, check out the solo model!


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