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INFP – Priest of Exploration

INFP boss-mod
INFP boss-mod


INFPs are typically thought of as…

  • Sensitive
  • Flexible
  • Caring
  • Empathetic
  • Spontaneous
  • Casual
  • Calm
  • Modest
  • Unique
  • Reserved

Your 4-member party model (Fi-Ne-Si-Te)

This post is done in the 4-member party model. It splits each of your cognitive functions into a character within your mental wiring. Think of it as your “adventuring party” that you have with you as you take on life’s dragons and quests.

Your “stack” (Fi-Ne-Si-Te) is essentially the development level of the characters in your group.

The dominant function is the Hero. Level 30. It’s you and your heroic abilities.

The auxiliary function is the Companion. Almost level 30. It’s your “best buddy” and the one that’ll carry you to greatness when you can’t walk.

The tertiary function is the Newbie. Level 10. Don’t get too distracted by its playful and tempting allure. You need to balance the power between the Companion and the Newbie – if you don’t, you’ll miss out on powerful tactics.

The inferior / aspirational function is the Escort. Level 3 / AI. Help finish its quests for epic rewards.

This page uses information and backstories from the characters. You may want to read those before continuing. I’ll link below on each character’s name, share the Hero’s story, and also summarize the other stories.

Fi – Findion the Priest

If you are an INFP, your desire to live by a code of what is right and wrong, and behaving in a way that is authentic to yourself, is what leads you. You love relating directly to individuals whom you feel are good. You seek inner harmony and self-actualization. Your Fi side is the Hero. You are a priest – an Elf healer.

For those of us who are not INFP, Findion Elernae is our Hero.

Findion Elernae is from an extremely wealthy merchant family. His parents taught him that every object has a unique value, and that it’s important for him to determine it for himself. He began wondering whether he could extend that idea to empower individuals to discover their own worth.

As he grew older, Findion’s interests strayed from becoming a merchant himself. He soon found his calling within the Circle of the Moon, a group of healers devoted to restoring life to people and nature. Within this group, he made friends with Vasende Toralarin, a mentor and experienced healer. Vasende helped Findion discover his uncanny gift to see a reflection of himself in the core — the soul — of others. This lets him feel their pain and sense the essence of Good and Evil.

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After his training, Findion set off on an adventure to find a jewel called the “wilwarin” that acts as a “moral compass” of sorts. When he finds it, he hopes to help himself and others reach their full potential through inner harmony.

In summary, he’s looking for the wilwarin jewel. This jewel will improve Findion’s moral compass of what is the most authentic way to live life.

Morals, despite being individualized, do have similarities. There are universal ideas that are more easily identifiable like forgiveness, having integrity, and respecting autonomy. However, what is good or bad beyond those is determined by the experiences you have on your adventure. This is similar to how the memories an Introverted Sensing type has in his experience-database are specific to him.

So, you’re on your Hero’s journey, and one of the major goals is self-fulfillment. Unlike Fearn (Fe), who focuses on outer harmony first, you focus on inner harmony first. Fearn sees a thing’s value as shared and determined by the group. But you believe that value is inherently different in all objects and people. This carries the individualistic mentality of “everyone has their own ways of doing things.” If everyone has their own way, then they should be allowed to do. Obviously, as a decent human being, this should be done as long as it doesn’t harm others.

Ne – Nes the Gunslinger

Nes is the gunslinger (Dwarf Hunter) Companion who gives you a way to interact with the world outside your head. You can’t discover your authentic self if you lock yourself in his room. You needs exploration and adventure. Nes rounds you out by showing him the possibilities of self-growth through fantastic intuitive leaps. He gives you a method of expressing your inner world.

Nes enjoys finding patterns and creative connections between things. “Wow, that’s a big animal! There must be something even bigger that hunts it! I bet it has horns and breathes fire. What if it fights an ice golem that can shoot ice spikes out of its fingers? Which would win?!”

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Nes’ influence isn’t always this form of off-the-wall creativity. Through Nes, you become more precise in articulating your thoughts through the use of metaphor and symbolism. He helps to diversify and rearrange words and thoughts so you can convey your feeling or value in a way that others can relate better to.

Another way they can work together is to embrace and play with new experiences on a surface-only level. You don’t have to analyze everything! You can leave your head and enjoy the world, but it requires a push from Nes.

Without Nes, you’ll have little direct interaction with the world. You need to use his abilities to help you communicate your purpose and put yourself in another’s greaves. Not knowing what drives people will cause immense stress. The best way to understand them is to connect your past experiences to their current ones.

Si – Silemem’ri the Guardian

The Newbie in this group is Silemem’ri, the guardian (Dwarf warrior). Introverted Sensing commits experiences to memory and compares the past to the present. Paired with Introverted Feeling, we get the INFP’s ability to feel emotions of the past. Silemem’ri shares his ability to re-experience the past with you, the Hero. This comes to you as a wave of re-feeling emotions when in similar situations. If trained, you can experience the emotions and events again in incredible detail. This can be expanded to work within others through deep empathy. “I know how you feel,” for an INFP, carries a heavy meaning. When you learn to use Silemem’ri properly, you begin to feel emotions based on other people’s experiences through reliving similar states.

In a negative relationship, Silemem’ri persuades you to ignore Nes’ ability to see the outer world. It traps you in fear – not wanting to experience tragedies of the past. Thus, you lock yourself away from the world. Not being able to experience the world, you can’t reach your goals and you become depressed. The cycle continues.

Te – Tel the Geomancer

The last character in this group is Tel, the geomancer (Dwarf mage). Tel uses runestones to manipulate objects to reach a goal. His focus is on effectiveness. Feelings, even his own, are not on his radar for the most part. So when Tel steps up to accomplish a goal, odds are that people are going to get put into places that will best achieve the result. None of that, “How do you feel about doing this?” nonsense. The ends will justify the means for Tel.

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As a priest, you are highly concerned with letting everyone live according to their own goals and individuality. Reducing the value of someone for the sake of the “greater good” is far from what you want to do. This is even worse when the decision is built on a cold, emotionally detached system. Tel loves using empirical evidence to get results. Empirical evidence, naturally, doesn’t often have emotion, needs, or values nested in it.

The stress between you two is almost palpable.

Brought back down to a role supporting the Hero, Tel can give some great input. He can show you that to reach the highest of goals, everyone must bend a little. Objective analysis and structuring of people can greatly help the group. And it doesn’t have to be done in a dictatorial style! Sometimes, to ensure the safety and freedom of others, you just need to crack some murloc eggs and make a harmony omelet. Geomancers know this on levels that young priests truly struggle to embrace.


You gain incredible strengths through using your team. You cannot do it alone, despite how much you want to. And on top of that, Elves alone (you and Silemem’ri) aren’t going to cut it – you need Dwarven influence. Nes and Tel bring action and excitement that fuel your inner world. They help you understand life through actually experiencing new instances of it.

Fi needs to find authenticity in life. It also respects other’s individuality. Ne explores the world and builds abstract connections. Si gives the INFP a memory-database of personal experiences to further develop inner goals and bond with others. Te adds logical structure void of personal attachment. Put together, the INFP is capable of great impact through empathy and motivation.

Also, check out the solo model!


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