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INFJ – Sentinel of Harmony



This post is done in the 4-member party system. It splits each of your cognitive functions into a character within your mental wiring. Think of it as your “adventuring party” that you have with you as you take on life’s dragons and quests.

Your “stack” (Ni-Fe-Ti-Se) is essentially the development level of the characters in your group.

The dominant function is the Hero. Level 30. It’s you and your heroic abilities.

The auxiliary function is the Companion. Almost level 30. It’s your “best buddy” and the one that’ll carry you to greatness when you can’t walk.

The tertiary function is the Newbie. Level 10. Don’t get too distracted by its playful and tempting allure. You need to balance the power between the Companion and the Newbie – if you don’t, you’ll miss out on powerful tactics.

The inferior / aspirational function is the Escort. Level 3 / AI. Help finish its quests for epic rewards.

This page uses information and backstories from the characters. You may want to read those before continuing. I’ll link below on each character’s name, share the Hero’s story, and also summarize the other stories.

Ni – Nisirai the Sentinel

If you are an INFJ, your ability to think deeply about the underlying patterns and relationships of things is what leads you. You love the feeling of grasping and expressing how things are connected at the core. You get visions of how things will pan out in the future and you are often right. You introspect regularly to realize the underlying significance in events. Your Ni side is the Hero. You are a sentinel – an Elf hunter.

For those of us who are not INFJ, Nisirai Augalrin gets the main role as the Hero.

Nisirai was born into a clan of hunters. At a young age, he learned how to live off the land, strengthen his spiritual bond to nature, track, and hunt. Nisirai passed through his trials from childhood to manhood and was given a bow, Whispersong. The legendary bow is believed to be able to find its mark even without a trained hunter behind it. Given to a skilled hunter like Nisirai, it is even more powerful.

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While he was exploring, there was a sudden, giant fissure in the land. When he came back to his home, there was nothing but rubble left. Nisirai was forced to move to the main city of Celesthem. His bow and his memories are all that he has from his old life.

Due to the unique traditions of his clan, he often feels isolated even amongst other Elves. One day, he ventured off into the woods. While exploring, he noticed a peculiar bear. Following the bear, he was led on a long journey to an uncharted cave. As he ventured further, he saw the cave was filled with treasures of a past civilization.

He grabbed a handful of small trinkets to take back the city. Smiling, he said, “Everything happens for a reason.” Several visions then struck Nisirai. These visions, however, were more than images. They were premonitions of the future of the Elves.

Struggling to understand the significance of his journey, he decided to set off on another adventure. His thoughts are now flooded by ideas of a spiritual connection to a force greater than himself. His goal now is to uncover the past and its relation to what will come.

To summarize, Nisirai Augalrin has recently discovered a long lost civilization in a cave. He was struck with several visions and now wants to uncover what happened to find its relation to the future. Deep stuff. He’s always asking himself, “Why?” and often feels pretty isolated within the city he’s in. It’s time to bring him out for some adventure.

Fe – Fearn the Cleric

The Companion for this type is the cleric (Dwarf Healer), Fearn. Fearn is not concerned with the self-appointed values of things like Findion (Fi). His focus is on the greater good even at the cost of personal goals. He wants to make a harmonious environment with good group values.

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So, when you (or Nisirai) gather information on your quest, Fearn uses that to rally supporters. He boosts morale and makes sure everyone can agree with the next step. You’ll walk through the town and Fearn will try to make sure that even the children are cheering on the expedition.

Together, you and Fearn are very good at connecting people. You sincerely look for common ground to help people get along.

Ti – Tiroothian the Arcanist

Tiroothian (Ti) is our Newbie. You and Tiroothian are both Elves (Introverted functions) in this system. You both look to understand the world through introspection before acting on it. Only after understanding it do you feel ready to make changes in the outer world.

Tiroothian the arcanist (Elf mage) has been studying for a while now and prematurely descends from his tower. He follows Findion in hopes of fulfilling the dream of his parents. His goal, though, is linked to yours. You are the leader, after all.

Tiroothian is still devoted to understanding the logical frameworks of the world and spells, but he isn’t as skilled at his insight. He will always aim for accuracy and categorization of the world. The more spells and knowledge up his sleeve, the better he can use them to gain leverage in a battle.

His positive influence depends on his training and how much action he sees in the group. He might bring excellent understanding to the fights. He might solve the ultimate goal of understanding the significance of your Hero’s journey.

Or he might accidentally heal an Ice Giant by attacking it with ice, thinking that if you lower its temperature more, it’ll freeze! …good one… But we learn through mistakes and most should be easily taken care of by the Hero and the Companion.

Se – Segrim the Berserker

Now we have Segrim as the Escort. Segrim is a berserker (Dwarf warrior). He’s a source of stress, but also the key to the INFJ’s soul. Just as your class (sentinel) is an aspirational but problem-causing character for ESxP types, Segrim will now do the same for this group. He’s destined to be a great warrior. He likes to be flashy and have fun while beating his enemies to an Orcy pulp.

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But this time, he’s a level 3. You have to deal with Segrim’s desire to interact with the world around him. It’s not your natural style to just dive into a new situation, so it can be difficult. He’ll sometimes charge into battle and it’s up to the other three to make it work.

The more experience he gets, the better his skills can be used to benefit the group. Segrim notices the real world – the world everyone can see, smell, touch, hear, taste, measure, and so on. He tastes the actual donuts in all their powdered glory. He doesn’t care about the memories connected to the donuts or whether donuts will still exist in 200 years. He brings you tangible, objective information. You can then analyze and delve into it. You can use it to fuel your foresight. This information is very different from Fearn’s, which focuses on interactions between people and their values.


Fearn and Tiroothian help you analyze the data gathered by yourself and Segrim. It’s your superpower to switch perspectives and look at things from every angle so it can be acted on as a group.

Technically, Ni alternates between perspectives to understand the underlying meanings of events. Fe bonds with others through harmony and seeking common values. Ti adds more analytical power to the group through model-centric ways. It classifies and searches for accuracy within the set data. Lastly, Se pushes for immersion in the world and hands-on, current information.


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