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Introverted Feeling and Elf Healers

moon_elf_by_kerembeyit @ deviantart

I can feel his pain.
He gave his all, and still… he cannot win.
I will share his burden, I will support him.
For all that is good within our world,
We will push on.
Evil will beg for our mercy.
– Findion Elernae, Deathwatch Amulet Engraving

Priests (Elf healers) journey through hardships and peril for a taste of sanctuary, clarity, and balance. They wage war against the dark forces by strengthening and bonding with their allies. The priest’s inner fortitude raises spirits and protects the pure from harm. In combat, priests use shields to mitigate damage. When called for, they can also heal by sacrificing some of their own health.


Hero in I_FP, Companion (auxiliary / main hand enchant) in E_FP, Newbie (tertiary / off-hand enchant) in I_TJ, Escort (inferior / armor enchant) in E_TJ

  • Single-target support
  • Pocket healer


  • Authenticity – To attack situations based on your personal ethics and feelings – giving you “true damage”


  • Highly nuanced
  • Inner structure 
  • Quiet
  • Reserved
  • Emotionally restrained
  • Easy going
  • Anti-conflict
  • Cool / cold
  • Difficult to read
  • Empathetic
  • Selective
  • Delay pleasure / satisfaction
  • Usually prefers non-leading roles
  • Holistic listener
  • Supportive
  • Observant
  • Hates imposing on others
  • Deep connections to moral convictions
  • Controls own emotional expression
  • Internal values are the most important
  • Inner harmony
  • Self-actualization


  • Specialized heals (understands through empathizing and personal experiences)
  • Indignant will (heal more on targets in desperate need of it)
  • Serenity (aware of emotional inner balance)


  • Initiating (making decisions, objective structuring, and planning)
  • Direct conflict (disturbs inner harmony)
  • AOE healing / AOE damage (chooses the individual over the group, so might have difficulty forcing people into “group decisions”)


What Does Introverted Feeling Do?

As a Judging function, Introverted Feeling makes decisions. The decisions for Fi are based on “What feels right to me?” It’s like Introverted Thinking’s accuracy checks, but it uses emotional, personal, value driven data. The idea of accuracy comes from the user’s internal ideas of what is right and wrong.

These values that guide the Introverted Feeler are highly subjective. Experiences from their past might stress a view that X is good, Y is bad. There are also more universal values that Fi adheres to. For example, live and let live or do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Introverted Feelers hold these ideas close to the heart. They act on doing what feels right to within those standards.

This idea of feeling right, can be summarized as authenticity within the self. It’s congruence of values. Without this, the Introverted Feeler is not in harmony with himself. Extroverted Feelers seek harmony within the group. They look at the people and commonly held values around them to make decisions. Introverted Feelers do this based on how their own emotions are affected. Their internal values are more important than the group’s values.

In other words, Introverted Feelers focus on the individuals within a group instead of the group as a collective system. With their individual needs met, the people function at 100% and the group itself will work. In contrast, a cleric (Dwarf healer) sees it as the group will function at 100% if the people put their needs aside for the needs of the group.

What’s a Priest (Elf Healer) Like?

Elf healers are not animated like Dwarf healers. They keep their emotions and don’t express them easily. They have an economical view of emotions. They budget them and don’t share them with everyone. Many people see an Elf healer and think they’re cold or unfeeling, but they actually feel a lot more than most. This is because they base their decisions on the feelings and values of individuals. To protect themselves from their hypersensitivity, they put a barrier around their emotions. They only expose what they’re comfortable with. It’s like having a raw nerve exposed that picks up all the emotions in the area. If it’s not shielded, it’s going to hurt.

As with all Elves, they tend to be quieter than Dwarves. Information comes in and they take time to process it before interacting with the outside world. Every decision they make goes through their personal filters. Their past, their values, and their convictions all act as a lens with which they see the world. This can keep Elf healers in their head, or heart, more than some other classes. If it doesn’t feel right within their filters, they won’t do it. They’ll simply refuse or find a way to separate themselves from the problem.

Empathy is an Elf healer’s method of healing. They don’t just mentally understand how other people feel, but they reach inward to previous times where they felt the same way. This makes them actually feel the same emotions, or similar ones, as their targets. They uncover the emotions from their past and re-feel them.

Part of striving for inner harmony is hating conflict. For healers in general, it’s difficult to be around people when they don’t get along. Emotional conflict directly inhibits making proper decisions. Elf healers feel internally drained in conflict because they seek harmony within each individual. Mirroring feelings while trying to think of how to meet each individual’s needs takes a lot of mana.

Despite hating conflict, Elf healers enjoy standing up for those who need help. Since individual needs take more priority than group needs, Elf healers fight for those who are oppressed by a group or incapable of helping themselves.


inner-fireInner fire – Boost resources and highest stat of target. Drive target to seek internal understanding, direction, and authenticity in actions.

spark-of-life-byCoinblinSpark of life – Plant the spark of life in an ally – as it grows, your ally’s unique strengths do too. Promote and defend uniqueness in individuals.

attuneAttune – All healing and damage is shared between you and your target. Invest your emotions in your target. 

shield-otherShield other – Reach deep within you and sacrifice some of your health to shield an ally. Mirror emotions through empathy.

instant-shieldInstant shield – Protect yourself for a short time. Allows you to think of the situation rationally before emotions cloud the situation.

by MarenkoAnti-magic shield – Take no magic damage for a short time. Ignore logical context (Te) in favor of emotional content (Fi).

guidanceGuidance – Raise awareness of a specific cause. Encourage others to follow a goal, ideal, or movement important to you.

convictionConviction – Brace yourself and fortify your mind against incoming psychic damage. Structure and order personal values and emotions, resisting social conventions.

detect-good-evilDetect good / evil – Sense the alignments of those around you and resist enchantment. Charm and Compulsion will not effect you when using this spell. Use your strong sense of “right” and “wrong” to resist emotional manipulation or trust a player.

deathwatchDeathwatch – Heal the lowest health party member. Help the disenfranchised, those in need, and the underdogs.

by 4eNNightmareFade – Reduce aggro and fade out of combat, also passively increase regeneration while out of combat. Emotionally tune out or leave a situation in order to regain inner harmony. Re-stabilize through solitude.

  by Pharoah Insight – Heal target more based on how much damage YOU have taken. Relive past struggles and suffering and recall how other people felt in similar situations in order to help them more through empathy. 

remove-fearRemove fear / paralysis – Cure fear or paralysis. Seek the real feelings and thoughts hidden underneath interactions with others.  

calm-emotionsCalm emotions – Sooth your target. Listen deeply with your inner emotions.

Findion Elernae, Pre-made Elf Healer

Findion Elernae is from an extremely wealthy merchant family. His parents taught him that every object has a unique value, and it’s important to determine that value for himself, not base it on how others value it. He began wondering if he could extend that idea to empower individuals to discover their own worth.

As he grew older, Findion’s interests strayed from becoming a merchant himself. He soon found his calling within the Circle of the Moon, a group of healers devoted to restoring life to people and nature. Within this group, he made friends with Vasende Toralarin, a mentor and experienced healer. Vasende helped Findion discover his uncanny gift to see a reflection of himself in the core — the soul — of others. This lets him feel their pain and sense the essence of Good and Evil.

After his training, Findion set off on an adventure to find a jewel called the “wilwarin” that acts as a “moral compass” of sorts. When he finds it, he hopes to help himself and others reach their full potential through inner harmony.

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This post currently has 3 responses

  • Hey, what is the difference between isfp and infp in terms of healing?

    We have four healers here. In terms of wow healing classes, how would you assign each?
    Thank you in advance.

    • In terms of INFP vs ISFP, I’ve lately been thinking of ISFP as a druid who can switch in and out of forms necessary and has a strong connection to people and their emotional states – think an herbalist-style. They’d be more likely to help people (themselves included) change their physiology. Personal values and beliefs attached to (and expressed through) the real, tangible world.

      INFPs remind me of long-range healers who are squishier. They’re more focused on finding indirect ways of supporting people – discipline priest with shields if I had to pick one. INFPs would be more into altering people’s ways of seeing themselves and re-defining the self. Personal values and beliefs attached to (and expressed through) the imaginative, abstract world.

  • Wow that is really interesting. Maybe you could assign the other types to wow classes as well?
    So Infp is not so much about healing than supporting someone which include healing of course?
    But thanks for the information

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