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ESTP – Berserker of Accuracy

ESTP boss-mod
ESTP boss-mod


ESTPs are typically thought of as…

  • Fun
  • Talkative
  • Inventive
  • Get-it-done
  • Hands-on
  • Practical
  • Active
  • Observant
  • Take-Charge
  • Charming

Your 4-member party model (Se-Ti-Fe-Ni)

This post is done in the 4-member party system. It splits each of your cognitive functions into a character within your mental wiring. Think of it as your “adventuring party” that you have with you as you take on life’s dragons and quests.

Your “stack” (Se-Ti-Fe-Ni) is essentially the development level of the characters in your group.

The dominant function is the Hero. Level 30. It’s you and your heroic abilities.

The auxiliary function is the Companion. Almost level 30. It’s your “best buddy” and the one that’ll carry you to greatness when you can’t walk.

The tertiary function is the Newbie. Level 10. Don’t get too distracted by its playful and tempting allure. You need to balance the power between the Companion and the Newbie – if you don’t, you’ll miss out on powerful tactics.

The inferior / aspirational function is the Escort. Level 3 / AI. Help finish its quests for epic rewards.

This page uses information and backstories from the characters. You may want to read those before continuing. I’ll link below on each character’s name, share the Hero’s story, and also summarize the other stories.

Se – Segrim the Bererker

If you are an ESTP, your desire to experience all the tangible, sensory things in the world is what leads you. You love having a physical presence in the world. You fully immerse yourself in the present. Your Se side is the Hero. You are a berserker – a Dwarf warrior.

For those of us who are not ESTP, the Hero is Segrim Steelmaul.

Segrim and his brother, Rorund, are prized warriors in their city. However, unlike Rorund, Segrim has never been satisfied with just winning. He craves new battles and glory whenever possible.

Segrim has always been somewhat of a spectacle — he was rather wild as a youth and is now a skilled fighter within the Dwarven army. He gained a reputation amongst his peers because he fights with an extra vigor that the others don’t. He has always had a keen eye for movement and the literal happenings of the world around him. He cares little for theory and daydreaming. He lives for the moments when he can let loose and embrace all that the outside world brings.

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Segrim is naturally skilled with hammers — using them almost as an extension of his body. He charges into fights swinging his hammers, “Git” and “Gronit,” while taunting the enemy. A good friend and skilled weapon-smith, Kirif, forged Segrim’s hammers for him. Kirif figured that if Segrim was going to fight like he did, he needed to have the best weapons available. The naming of the hammers came as a reflection of Segrim’s way of life — go and do.

Bored of structured battle, Segrim has now set out for more opportunities to immerse himself in the world and find glory.

In summary, as much as possible, Segrim Steelmaul wants to have a physical impact on the world. To be honest, abstract speculation with no realistic application makes his head hurt. Instantaneous, tangible feedback is far more appealing. Segrim loves to make a spectacle because, well, it feels good to show off his skills and abilities.

As a fellow berserker, you do this too by jumping right into the environment and making things happen. When an opportunity presents itself, you’re the first to charge in and have an impact. You’re great at improvising to make the most of that opportunity. You also tends to see some rules as pointless obstacles that impede immediate progress. You care little for long-term scheduling and would rather just go with the flow and have fun while doing.

Ti – Tiroothian the Arcanist

Tiroothian, the arcanist (Elf mage) Companion. He’s here to round out your desire to experience everything possible. Tiroothian calms you down. He shows you the beauty of truly experiencing something through mastering it. With him at your side, you understand how things fit into the larger, holistic picture of the world.

The addition of Tiroothian gives you deeper thought behind your actions. He also shows you the logical repercussions of your actions. However, it’s up to you to accept or refute them as being important.

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Tiroothian can also explain more of the practical uses of gaining technical skill. Berserkers are naturally proficient at using tools and being one with the environment. But with a technical structure, you’ll learn how to better wield your weapons. This deeper understanding gives you more of an ability to do what you do best — take action.

Fe – Fearn the Cleric

Later in your adventures, you’ll run across Fearn, the cleric (Dwarf healer). He’ll become your Newbie and the counterbalance to Tiroothian. Fearn wants to connect to the cultures and people around him to ensure that their needs are being met. He is a giver and nurturer for the greater good. To him, the value of something is determined by the group – if everyone likes something, it must be for a good reason. This mindset isn’t based on the practical uses of something as much as the feelings that others connect to it.

Through Fearn’s influence, you learn how to shape your actions to help others instead of just yourself. You give more respect, appreciation, admiration, and even love *gasp* to those who ally themselves with you. Of course, you do this in the most berserker way possible — flashy and energetic displays of gratitude filled with suave charm.

With too much influence from Fearn, you’ll start to ignore the Elf. Tiroothian’s subjective analysis will start to fall flat. You might become addicted to the quick fixes of sensory satisfaction that being the center of attention gives. Your ESTP group will overemphasize loyalty or disloyalty and may aggressively try to put people in their places if they disrespect an ally. In an attempt to fit in, as well as flex your skills, you may let loose and chase power and status to try to gain respect and acceptance.

Properly balanced, Tiroothian and Fearn guide you to realize your group’s impact on others. Through this they make sound choices by encouraging you to balance logic and feeling.

Ni – Nisirai the Sentinel

Nisirai is the Escort for this group. As a sentinel (Elf hunter), his ways are mysterious and elusive to you. Abstract patterns and shifting perspectives serve no purpose to berserkers. Your main focus is on immersion in the present. You respond naturally to the tangible world around you. To you, Nisirai’s insight and tracking often seems purely random and pointless. You’d rather follow your gut instincts and take quick action.

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But deep down you appreciate this strange style of gathering information. It can work well to balance your own style. Improper tracking will take you on a long path towards many failures, though. If this happens enough, you’ll begin to doubt your ability to take proper action and thus begin to take less action. This goes against your core style. You need to take charge in high-octane battles. Denying that is like denying someone air. This causes more stress and confusion, in turn making you spiral further down.

If you choose to help Nisirai on his mission, you’ll soon begin to understand the long-term effects of your actions. Through this, you’ll learn to predict the best paths to proceed. This will give you a new style of living in the moment through foreseeing deeper patterns. You’ll fully grasp what has happened in the past and how your current actions will influence the far future.


You naturally seek the excitement of risks versus rewards. You use what you see, hear, and feel in the moment to take quick action. Tiroothian gives you the ability to use deep technical understanding as leverage. Fearn’s catering gives you a great power to influence and impress the masses with people skills. Nisirai will eventually calm you down and let you see the world through different perspectives.

Deep insight into the future comes from Ni – if you use it. Paired with Ti’s ability to make logical sense of the situation, Se can easily take advantage of new stimuli. Put it all together and you’re a charismatic person who leads others through example. You’re often competitive, persuasive, resourceful, and love to solve problems instead of just hypothesize.

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