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ENFP – Gunslinger of Authenticity



ENFPs are typically thought of as…

  • Collaborative
  • Visionary
  • Insightful
  • Spontaneous
  • Casual
  • Imaginative
  • Sensitive
  • Energetic
  • Gregarious
  • Idealistic

Your 4-member party model (Ne-Fi-Te-Si)

This post is done in the 4-member party system. It splits each of your cognitive functions into a character within your mental wiring. Think of it as your “adventuring party” that you have with you as you take on life’s dragons and quests.

Your “stack” (Ne-Fi-Te-Si) is essentially the development level of the characters in your group.

The dominant function is the Hero. Level 30. It’s you and your heroic abilities.

The auxiliary function is the Companion. Almost level 30. It’s your “best buddy” and the one that’ll carry you to greatness when you can’t walk.

The tertiary function is the Newbie. Level 10. Don’t get too distracted by its playful and tempting allure. You need to balance the power between the Companion and the Newbie – if you don’t, you’ll miss out on powerful tactics.

The inferior / aspirational function is the Escort. Level 3 / AI. Help finish its quests for epic rewards.

This page uses information and backstories from the characters. You may want to read those before continuing. I’ll link below on each character’s name, share the Hero’s story, and also summarize the other stories.

Ne – Nes the Gunslinger

If you are an ENFP, your desire to explore every possibility is what leads you. You love creatively relating objects or ideas to other things. You seek novelty. Your Ne side is the Hero. You are a gunslinger – a Dwarf hunter.

For those of us who are not ENFP, we pass the leader position to Nes Farshot to get a better understanding of how the group works. Despite having the same characters as the INFP’s group, ENFP is quite different because of the character levels.

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Nes’ father, also a hunter, was mauled by a giant wolf that Nes named “Chubs.” The injuries were not fatal, but caused the loss of his father’s arm, ending his profession as a hunter. His father was more than a parent; he was also a friend and a hunting companion. He taught Nes how to creatively hunt, trap, and kill beasts. This became a source of invigoration for Nes and turned into what he labeled the “thrill of the hunt.”

Nes eventually killed Chubs and took his eye — which he presented to his father to put in their trophy room. He now searches for more unique and challenging creatures of which to make trophies. If it’s too easy, it won’t satisfy him. He always thinks of unique ways of trapping beasts and would never do it any other way out of respect for the beast. Each trophy represents not just the conquering of a challenge, but the creative effort put into answering “How can I kill that with this?”

Exploring and hunting his whole life, he gets restless if he’s not embarking on a new adventure. Life needs novelty. The moment he can no longer explore is more threatening to his life than any beast he can imagine.

In summary, this group has Nes pulling the rest through the wilderness. He explores the world looking for new challenges. He’s great at understanding new environments and creating unique new ideas. When he goes to a new area, he naturally imagines what could possibly be out there and then pursues it. He loves novelty and acting on a whim. Nes is quick to get bored when not starting new quests… as long as the quest dialog isn’t too long and specific. “Keep it short and sweet – gimme the gist of it and skip all the boring details. I wanna get started!”

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Fi – Findion the Priest

Findion, the priest (Elf healer), is the Companion in this group. As always, Companions are there to round out the Hero and provide a new perspective. In this case, Findion tries to give you a more personalized mission in life.

He balance your desire to explore new options by connecting on a deeper, individual level with people. Because Findion isn’t the leader, the drive for being authentic is not as strong as with the INFP. It does exist, and it does have a strong pull, but it comes after the desire to be innovative and exploratory.

Findion searches for individuals with respectable, genuine character to join this hunting party. He also looks at the ENFP’s character to make sure it’s acceptable in the same light. If the quests and actions don’t sit well with Findion, the group may fall into turmoil. At that point, you might ignore Findion’s input and listen to the Newbie.

Te – Tel the Geomancer

Tel is the Newbie geomancer (Dwarf mage). When Tel levels up, he gives you the ability to measure your results with empirical data. Always seeking fun and exciting challenges can only take the group so far. Eventually everyone will need some objective structure. This is exactly what Tel specializes in. Using Tel’s abilities, you can make organized progress in the areas that you’re passionate about. Without Tel, you endlessly pursue the thrill of the hunt without a long-term goal.

If Tel’s not controlled and geared, he can do more damage to the group than Findion can heal. When you aren’t able to follow his unique style, Findion is cast aside. As Tel steps up to help make decisions, he defends the group through authoritatively controlling people like objects. In this case, our generally happy-go-lucky Hero is in a predicament. You set your Elf Companion aside as you take sides with a Dwarf, the Newbie.

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Si – Silemem’ri the Guardian

In comes Silemem’ri as the Escort – here to provide a mirror opposite view to your own. The older, focused, realistic guardian (Elf warrior) chooses difficult approaches for you to imagine. Silemem’ri wants to focus on the world that he already knows is safe and secure. This drives you crazy. It’s also frightening for you to think about being tied down. A predictable, never-changing, boring world offers little for your skill set.

If Silemem’ri gains too much control, the group will lose their adaptability and curiosity. However, in balance, Silemem’ri offers the group a quest log that shows their accomplishments. It reveals what went well and what didn’t. You can finally be satisfied with the group’s progress towards your goals and you can see how well you’ve done so far through your past.


As you progress in your adventure, you’ll learn more than you expect from taking time to analyze. Your past challenges can guide you as you search for the more meaningful victories in life. Don’t ignore the Elven influences in your group – Findion and Silemem’ri both add sustainability and depth. Tel will give you a false sense of achievement if you don’t balance him with Findion. But when used correctly, he will push you to take direct, step-by-step action.

Ne seeks new possibilities and fun. Si and Te give structure to the ENFP’s goals while Fi provides deep individuality. As an ENFP, you are very motivating and exciting to be around. You bring a passionate, creative force to any group you join.

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