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Your Enemy Carries Its Weakness

Your enemy carries its weakness. This is like when you fight a monster and it drops the thing that you need to defeat it. Zombies drop holy water, fire dragons drop fire resistant gear, and so on.

“All of [the functions] are required because life itself presents problems that are already differentiated in such a way that only a particular function of consciousness can solve them.” – John Beebe

In real life, the situations we are in essentially beg that we use a certain approach to deal with it. Now this isn’t saying that we can’t get past with a different tactic, but rather that we would do it so much more easily if we had the right tool.

Math (shudder) can be verbally sounded out and can employ a whole-brain style, but it can also be done with a few brain regions (P3 and P4) to summon the general models needed to reason through the problem logically.

Those skillsets may not be the best to use in a social situation that requires banter and the Legendary Goggles of Body Language Reading.

But again, that doesn’t mean we can’t do it, just that there may be better approaches.

To bring it back to the wonderful world of cognitive functions, think about your normal approach to life through your MBTI style. An ESTP, for example, prefers to lead with the Gladiator (Se) and follow it up with Archanist (Ti). Then think of a problem in your life… are you struggling because you’re forcing yourself to use the same tired and worn-out Heroes?

  • Gladiator – Se – Physical awareness, engagement
  • Guardian – Si – implementation and verification, stability
  • Gunner – Ne – practical envisioning of possibilities, enable change
  • Sentinel – Ni – deep insight into the direction things are going, knowing ramifications
  • Runemaster – Te – logical structure through planning, enforcing
  • Archanist – Ti – clear understanding with refined definitions and categories
  • Cleric – Fe – understand other people and validate and relate to them
  • Priest – Fi – moral compass directing you to focus on people’s values and identity

“Every class is necessary because things naturally require their skillsets. A healer cannot do what a hunter does. A warrior cannot shoot fireballs like a mage.” – Sherman


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