Hero! I’m glad you’re here.

My scouts report that a dark presence is encroaching from all corners. The town is soon to be overwhelmed by dark forces. Their armies are approaching quickly and I fear a more sinister terror is upon us.

We need to recover what’s left of the town and reunite our people before things get worse.

I’ll come with you, if that’s all right. I know the lands and may be able to offer some insight into the trouble ahead.

Before we start, I need to test you to ensure that you’re fit for the job. Fill out the information below and our local shaman will inspect it.

Oh, and before I forget, you’ll be greatly for your efforts.



I do personal coaching through BOSS mod.

I love listening to people and helping them with their problems. In fact, as an INFP, my brain is wired to put me in flow by doing listening!

I’d be thrilled to guide you to better understand your type and how to play to your strengths. Also, we can work on whatever issues are holding you back – motivation, dating, general goals.

Think of me as a game master who crafts quests for you to unlock treasure and level up while gaining powerful abilities.

I’ve helped people change their lives with…

goal setting (set a plan to reach your end-game goal or an even closer goal that you don’t know how to approach)
limiting belief and phobia removal (not help, freakin’ REMOVAL)
… turning “like” to “dislike” I personally did this by making Coke remind me of wet, nasty, squishy frog legs! I don’t drink Coke anymore and practically gag when I think about it. Imagine what you could do by short-circuiting your bad habits! You can also turn a “dislike” to a “like” to make you healthier or get through your daily cleaning / chores with ease.
personal struggles (put out the fire in the inn and get back to your life)
relationship help (help… not removal)
armor crafting (building physical cues called “anchors” to put you in your best state)
timeline adjusting (respec and get rid of the nasty debuffs from past mistakes or prepare yourself to conquer the future)
develop unique abilities (use MBTI to shine a light on your mental wiring)

My “Power Level” Program

Phase One

This phase helps you understand yourself first. After you get to know what makes your style work the way it does, you’ll be able to assess other people.

Pick your character – This session is FREE. Contact me below. Find your personality type and make sure it feels right. You’ll feel a sense of relief and joy because someone “finally” gets you. You won’t feel like a square peg in a round hole. *assessment included*
Gear up – Dig into the “cognitive function stack” and learn your mental wiring. Discover what makes you tick at a deep level.
Level up – Apply your strengths and weaknesses to be more motivated, reduce stress, and take control of your life. I’ll give you tips to get into “flow” where you feel unstoppable and “in the zone.” You’ll learn the best methods for personal growth based on your personality type. This step will also give clarity on how you act when you are in defensive mode and why it happens. Why “that wasn’t me” moments happen.

Phase Two

This is where you branch off to understanding other people. Here, you’ll learn how to communicate better, adapt to their styles, and give them that great feeling of “Wow! You really understand me!”

Make Some Toons – Learn the other 4 functions (the mirror opposites). Explore life as another type. Feel how they act differently than you and why it’s OK.
Battleground – Discover the tells of other types and start typing.
Arena – Use your knowledge to better your communication.

You’ll leave the FREE session with:

  • Crystal clear quest goals.
  • A “next step” action plan.
  • Greater personal awareness!
  • Renewed passion for life through clarity about yourself.
  • Hidden challenges revealed!
  • Extreme motivation to get the results you desire.

I charge only $150 for this program. We’ll cover everything above over 4 hours. We’ll work together to find the best schedule to do it. You’ll also get a 10-page compilation of information about your type.

The more information you can give me in the notes below, the better. But if you don’t know exactly what’s going on, we can figure that out together too!