How to Type People – Part 4 – Visual Identification

Welcome… to the land of woo-woo. I’ve been experimenting with visual identification based mainly on the eyes. People say the eyes are the window to the soul, right? It seems like there could be some good behind it. I know, I know. It sounds like it just won’t work. But remember that when other people think… read more »

How to Type People – Part 3 – Energy and Element

This post is about energy. It’s based on the temperaments from the OG himself, Hippocrates. /clap These temperaments are also represented by elements. The elements are earth, fire, wind (air), water, and heart. Just kidding. No heart. It’s ether, but we won’t talk about that. *don’t watch around impressionable little kids and grandmothers* Before we… read more »

How To Type People – Part 2, RPG Profession

Introduction Ready for the next step in typing people? If you didn’t read it, I suggest you start HERE at part 1, or even start by reading the MINI BOSS descriptions above. Part 1 took us through figuring out which class essences are at work within someone’s mental wiring. Basically, we decided if they are logical… read more »

How To Type People – Part 1, Language

I have several steps that I go through when trying to type people. It’s not an easy process, but that’s part of the fun! Look for the easy clues first. I’m not even going to count this as step one because it’s something that needs to happen before going scientific on it. For all these… read more »