Level up

How Leveling IRL Really Works

How leveling IRL really works is activity-based leveling. It’s that aspect of some RPGs where you gain proficiency in a skill or ability through use. If you don’t use it, you don’t level it up… you don’t improve. Life is like this. We don’t instantly have 100% proficiency in anything without first having put some… read more »

Dungeon Master Mindset

Hey. What’s up team it’s Sherman here from Geek Psychology. So I was playing Dungeons and Dragons the other day and I got to thinking about how it relates to life – as I like to do – so I decided I wanted to share some insights with you. I say “some insights”, but it’s… read more »

Roll Call! An Easy Technique for Insane Personal Growth

Hey! What’s up team! This is a follow-up on the Roll Call! video. Roll call is a way to remind yourself of your strengths and a way to “train” the Heroes within you in order to bring conscious awareness to your habits so you can be more Honoring, Energized, Responsible, and On-Purpose. Here’s a list of apps similar… read more »

The Path to Transcending the Ego | The Enneagram Hero’s Journey

This is the path to transcending the Ego through using the Hero’s Journey framework by Joseph Campbell and the Enneagram. My understanding of the Enneagram comes largely from Eli Jaxon Bear’s From Fixation to Freedom: The Enneagram of Liberation. The Hero’s Journey modification is not related to his work, but if you enjoy his way… read more »

Life Is Pay to Win – but Money Isn’t the Currency

A good life isn’t free to play, it’s pay to win. We’re given a currency just by living. Everything we do costs us time and energy. But with so many paths in life and options, people spend them differently. If you want to win you need to spend it on the right things. There are casual gamers who… read more »

It’s Not Lying, It’s Just A Better Version Of Your Life

Picking the Right Story You know that feeling where you walk into a situation and just have no idea what to do? You don’t fit in for some reason. Your ideals or your style is just different from the group’s. Maybe you’re too fat. Too skinny. Ugly. Too rich to be with these people. Misunderstood…. read more »

You NEED Me?!

I’ve been watching a lot of One Piece lately and there’s a character called Baby 5. She’s on the opposite team from the main characters. Her quirk is that she instantly falls in love with people who “need” her. She twists things people say and takes it as them liking or needing her. I’m gonna skip… read more »

The Secret To Taking Initiative In Life

The Secret To Taking Initiative In Life “No one gives you initiative, you have to take it.” – Seth Godin I LOVE this. What a cool way of thinking! Too many people, myself included, wait around for someone else to give us permission to go. Why? What authority do they have over our lives? Just get… read more »

Use “Amor Fati” to Level Up

Overview No, it doesn’t refer to an armored fatty. This post is going to hit you with What It Is, Story Time, Why It’s A Great Mindset, The Meaning And The Event, some Steps To Loving Your Fate, Everything Is An Opportunity, and Your Quest. What It Is Amor fati is a Latin phrase that means “love… read more »

Locus(t) of Control

I was talking with a friend a while back and the topic of locus of control came up. I’ve been thinking for a while about how to combine it with games. I think I got an idea, so let’s see where it goes! I’ll give some examples, then explain what locus of control is. After that… read more »