How Leveling IRL Really Works

How leveling IRL really works is activity-based leveling. It’s that aspect of some RPGs where you gain proficiency in a skill or ability through use. If you don’t use it, you don’t level it up… you don’t improve. Life is like this. We don’t instantly have 100% proficiency in anything without first having put some… read more »

Your Enemy Carries Its Weakness

Your enemy carries its weakness. This is like when you fight a monster and it drops the thing that you need to defeat it. Zombies drop holy water, fire dragons drop fire resistant gear, and so on. “All of [the functions] are required because life itself presents problems that are already differentiated in such a… read more »

Use The Six-Stat System to Get Clarity in Life

I’ve seen other people’s approaches to this, but it’s never quite satisfied me. This is my version of it. You’ll also notice that health, wealth, and social come up several times. They’re important and have many different aspects that influence our lives. You have two options when doing the activity below. Quick play: Quickly rate… read more »

Dungeon Master Mindset

Hey. What’s up team it’s Sherman here from Geek Psychology. So I was playing Dungeons and Dragons the other day and I got to thinking about how it relates to life – as I like to do – so I decided I wanted to share some insights with you. I say “some insights”, but it’s… read more »

Roll Call! An Easy Technique for Insane Personal Growth

Hey! What’s up team! This is a follow-up on the Roll Call! video. Roll call is a way to remind yourself of your strengths and a way to “train” the Heroes within you in order to bring conscious awareness to your habits so you can be more Honoring, Energized, Responsible, and On-Purpose. Here’s a list of apps similar… read more »

The Path to Transcending the Ego | The Enneagram Hero’s Journey

This is the path to transcending the Ego through using the Hero’s Journey framework by Joseph Campbell and the Enneagram. My understanding of the Enneagram comes largely from Eli Jaxon Bear’s From Fixation to Freedom: The Enneagram of Liberation. The Hero’s Journey modification is not related to his work, but if you enjoy his way… read more »

Improve Daily With the Daily Dungeon Journal

Daily Dungeon Journal pdf version Daily Dungeon Journal png version   Improving life is all about prioritization and focus. The Daily Dungeon Journal is my attempt to make the daily grind fun – or at least a little more entertaining. This journaling style is meant to help ME focus on 2 main goals each day and learn to… read more »

How Each Function Plays MOBAs

This is taken from my reddit post. It got good feedback, so I figured I’d put it on BOSS-mod and expand a wee bit. I was thinking about how the cognitive functions come out in games and these examples came to mind. Some are things I’ve done. They’re not generally positive, but I’m sure you… read more »

C.R.A.F.T. Your New Life Through Better Goal Setting and Motivation

Please excuse me, hero. I could really use your assistance. The magic barrier created by the ancient ones has protected this town for centuries. It’s done it’s job well and will continue to hold. However, our town keeps growing. The walls of the barrier are confining the prosperity and soon we’ll have to build outside of the… read more »

How to Slay the 8 Dragons You Face Every Day

You! Adventurer! It’s going to attack us. We’ve done all we could to appease it, but the dragon… I fear it’s not enough. We’ve lived with it for a long time now – paying tributes to it as necessary in exchange for our lives… But always in the back of our minds, we knew the time would… read more »