Use The Six-Stat System to Get Clarity in Life

I’ve seen other people’s approaches to this, but it’s never quite satisfied me. This is my version of it. You’ll also notice that health, wealth, and social come up several times. They’re important and have many different aspects that influence our lives. You have two options when doing the activity below. Quick play: Quickly rate… read more »

C.R.A.F.T. Your New Life Through Better Goal Setting and Motivation

Please excuse me, hero. I could really use your assistance. The magic barrier created by the ancient ones has protected this town for centuries. It’s done it’s job well and will continue to hold. However, our town keeps growing. The walls of the barrier are confining the prosperity and soon we’ll have to build outside of the… read more »

How to Slay the 8 Dragons You Face Every Day

You! Adventurer! It’s going to attack us. We’ve done all we could to appease it, but the dragon… I fear it’s not enough. We’ve lived with it for a long time now – paying tributes to it as necessary in exchange for our lives… But always in the back of our minds, we knew the time would… read more »

Mine Your Problems with the SCORE Model

“Pardon me, adventurer. I’m glad you’re here. With a war brewing, we need more coal for our forge. If we don’t get it, we won’t be able to supply the army with more weapons. The mines just south of here have been overrun with bizarre creatures. Hero, please venture into those mines and gather coal. Those… read more »

Deal With Annoying People by Polymorphing Them

You hear clatter as you walk past a rustic house. Large stones and hardwooden pillars make up most of the outer structure. It’s near impossible to see clearly through the yellow-tinted windows, but you step closer anyway. You can vaguely see a shadow running back and forth. “AHH! I left it in the office! I can’t… read more »