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Introverted iNtuition and Elf Hunters

jaco_bruwer’s elf ranger


This rare recursive bow has been expertly constructed of sentient strongbark. Its string is made from giant chestnut-scaled boar sinew, a legendary beast.

The limbs have been decorated with a seemingly glowing thread and end in curves shaped like blades.The stock is wrapped in rare leather and decorated with ominous carvings.

The wide quiver is made from rare hide and is supposed to be worn around the archer’s belt. The outer side has been decorated with gilded linings, which must be there for more than just decoration.

In the hands of anybody this bow is capable of firing arrows up to 112 meters while still retaining lethal power. A skilled archer like Nisirai can tame it even further.
– Nisirai Augalrin, Whispersong

Sentinels (Elf hunters) have watched for centuries as young adventurers struggle against nature – begging the question, “Why fight it at all?” They know what will happen and choose to commune with nature and the ebb and flow of life. Sentinels wander the lands with their bow slung across their back. They have a calm and serene air to them that seems to carry the ability to peer into your soul. In battle, a skilled sentinel knows the best vantage point to predict the flow of the fight.


Hero in IN_J, Companion (auxiliary / main hand enchant) in EN_J, Newbie (tertiary / off-hand enchant) in IS_P, Escort (inferior / armor enchant) in ES_P

  • Long-ranged physical damage
  • Tracker


  • Vision – To use insights and changing perspectives to forecast what will happen


  • Insightful
  • Inventive
  • Slow
  • Complex
  • Hunts for true meaning / motives
  • Withdrawn
  • Deep
  • Contemplating
  • Analytical powers
  • Focused
  • Vague
  • Abstract
  • Wants to know “Why?”
  • Wants accurate interpretation of patterns
  • Visionary


  • Critical hits (realistic or critical understanding of implications)
  • Long range (prediction into the future)
  • Spirit bond (simulate possibilities)


  • Melee burst (embracing the present moment)
  • Adapting (they often feel like they’re witnessing what they already know will happen)
  • Initiation (not proactive interactions, might prefer to stay behind the lines)


What Does Introverted iNtuition Do?

The driving question for Introverted iNtuition is, “What does it all mean?” or simply, “Why?”

iNtuition focuses on abstract details. It then connects them through pattern analysis. Introverted iNtuition, however, is turned inward. It’s not set in the present, but rather in the past. It attempts to predict what will happen in the future based on what happened in the past.

It’s similar to Introverted Sensing in that it accesses the past and trusts the past more than the present. But iNtuition looks at abstract ideas instead of tangible details. Concepts are compared and contrasted to the database of previous connections.

Accurate interpretations are key to finding clarity for the Introverted iNtuition user. It constantly rethinks and redefines the models. Like Introverted Thinking, Introverted iNtuition also wants accuracy. It’s not statistical accuracy that it’s seeking, but accurate interpretation of patterns. Ni does this by constantly rethinking and redefining patterns. But only one connection can be true, and the others must be eliminated.

Ni eliminates through a converging process. It doesn’t explode or expand outward like Ne, but rather implodes and narrows in on one idea. This one, perfect connection is the most accurate interpretation.

They get intellectual clarity through seeing how things come together. The clearer the web of patterns and connections, the more certain the prediction. These predictions come to the user as visions – a knowing about the future.

What’s a Sentinel (Elf Hunter) Like?

Elf hunters are more calculated and orderly than Dwarf hunters. They’re looking for depth over breadth. Elves hunt one beast, patiently and deliberately. Dwarves want to chase any challenge. This gives Elf hunters a certain complexity that Dwarf hunters don’t have, but at the cost of quick reflexes.

Abstract details are more meaningful than concrete ones to the Elf hunter. This makes their speech focus on abstract words as well. They won’t bring up empirical statistics and measurements as often as a warrior.

Hunters are curious about how ideas and objects intertwine. They try to track and trap them. Elf hunters learn from past hunts and attempt to make stable predictions of what will come. These insights guide them in their actions.

Elf hunters are innovative. They find new ways to look at ideas. Their ideas come from the elimination of patterns. Eventually, a unique approach shows up that could only come from reducing impossibilities.

They use different perspectives very well. They are good at reasoning how to handle situations because they can imagine how different types of people would interact.


vine-shotVine shot – Shoot a target; a magical vine springs out and latches onto another target, linking them together as one. Use powers of analysis to synthesize patterns.

pierce-bySin-dorei300Pierce – Shoot with such force that your arrow pierces the target. Deeply penetrate into theories.

camouflageCamouflage – Calmly slip into your surroundings. A calm, relaxed state where you observe the world and patterns.

spirit-animalSpirit animal – *Must be channeled during camouflage. Summon a mystical animal to fight with you. Your ideas and predictions become real.

multi-shotMulti-shot – Hit two targets. Accept several ideas as being possible so you can check validity through patterns.

inner-sightInner sight – Reveal alignment of nearby targets. Gain understanding (insight) into a situation or a person’s actions.

by 4eNNightmareCritical shot – Arrows can now critically hit. Embrace a realistic, and often seen as critical, view point.

commune-with-natureCommune with nature – Gain extra regeneration when surrounded by nature. Rejuvenate when you find a timeless, accurate, or universal truth.

by Iyzz_FryzzCall of augury – Warn others of danger, increasing perception. Notice and express a warning or critique that you have envisioned.

barrageBarrage – Rain down arrows from above. Create top-down hierarchies to explain an idea – preparing the goals first, then the methods to reach them.

inspiredInspired aim – Gain damage and precision through knowing where to aim. Know something with great conviction.

movementFreedom of movement – Prevent movement hindering damage. Move easily between the realms of your conscious and unconscious.

linked-perceptionLinked perception – See things through the eyes of another person. Use other perspectives to reveal true motives and causes for actions.

fresh-gameFresh game – See and smell a target’s trail as if it was still there. Think in images and symbols.

Nisirai Augalrin, Pre-made Elf Hunter

Nisirai was born into a clan of hunters. At a young age, he learned how to live off the land, strengthen his spiritual bond to nature, track, and hunt. Nisirai passed through his trials from childhood to manhood and was given a bow, Whispersong. The legendary bow is believed to be able to find its mark even without a trained hunter behind it. Given to a skilled hunter like Nisirai, it is even more powerful.

While he was exploring, there was a sudden, giant fissure in the land. When he came back to his home, there was nothing but rubble left. Nisirai was forced to move to the main city of Celesthem. His bow and his memories are all that he has from his old life.

Due to the unique traditions of his clan, he often feels isolated even amongst other Elves. One day, he ventured off into the woods. While exploring, he noticed a peculiar bear. Following the bear, he was lead on a long journey to an uncharted cave. As he ventured further, he saw the cave was filled with treasures of a past civilization.

He grabbed a handful of small trinkets to take back the city. Smiling, he said, “Everything happens for a reason.” Several visions then struck Nisirai. These visions, however, were more than images. They were premonitions of the future of the Elves.

Struggling to understand the significance of his journey, he decided to set off on another adventure. His thoughts are now flooded by ideas of a spiritual connection to a force greater than himself. His goal now is to uncover the past and its relation to what will come.

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