Geek Psychology

Have you ever wondered what it’d be like to unleash a giant meteor from the sky? Summon arcane energies from within? Revive a fallen ally and protect her as she rushes into battle – fully ready to handle whatever hardships come her way? Dash to the rescue and shield your allies from danger? Slip into the shadows and take the perfect shot that penetrates deep into your enemy?

I have.

How about dreaming of becoming the savior of humanity? The creative, eccentric explorer of uncharted realms? Gathering loot from vanquished dragons and building more formidable gear?

Oh, man. That has me written all over it.

Have you ever been told to grow up and get back to work? Reluctantly, you fall into the norms of society, community, and the templatized life that you are “supposed to” follow.


Well, Geek Psychology is here to encourage you do just that. Life is a game and when you play it without any of the gameful thinking, it becomes a chore – or worse, you become an non-player character (NPC) who just goes through the motions every day with no awareness of the MASSIVE ADVENTURE waiting for you. I want you to EXPLORE, follow your EPIC call to adventure, find LOVE and EXCITEMENT, and be an all-around bad-ass that others look up to.

Life isn’t scripted. There are random encounters, Easter eggs, daily quests, scarce loot drops, and unavoidable monsters. The goal is to be prepared for what comes through awareness of your strengths, weaknesses, and create a strategy to level up to a whole new power level. I want you to write your own story, tweak your build, and embrace a “life worth living” in whatever way you see fit.

Please, join me and the rest of the community at Geek Psychology and let’s adventure forward to create a better world as allies.

To get started, you need to find your best-fit class. Up until this point, you probably haven’t thought much about it – and that’s fine! Most people don’t because it’s not easy and the mundane aspects of life take priority far too often.

I suggest starting out by looking into the professions. Don’t worry, it’s not as serious as it sounds!


Blacksmiths are all about taking the real world and improving on it or fixing it. They’re down to earth (where do you think metals come from?), determined (you need focus to hit the nail), and like to have a plan (a technical blueprint).

You often see blacksmiths working in highly technical fields like mechanical engineering, managerial positions, and finance, or areas that require them to use technical knowledge mixed with demanding physical awareness. People that fit into this type are Ernest Hemingway (ESTP), Henry Ford (ESTJ), Elizabeth II (ISTJ), and Michael Jordan (ISTP).

As you can see, they all have a determined and grounded view of the world. They’re often straightforward as well. Of course they can have fun too, but they’re usually focused on solving some problem in their life.


Herbalists are another “down to earth” style, but instead of using blueprints, they explore the physical world for ways to help people. They use plants (real world, physical) for medicinal and emotional (therapeutic) effect.

These are the people who find ways to physically express their emotions – a big smile, a warm hug, a caring pat on the back, a beautiful painting that shines a light deep into your soul. They’re usually friendly and caring. They all have a physical side to them that’s tied into emotions. Herbalists push people (and themselves) to feel things and take actions based on the heart.

Some people in this category are Quentin Tarantino (ESFP), Andrew Carnegie (ESFJ), Michael Jackson (ISFP), and Mother Teresa (ISFJ).


Alchemists want to understand the world through piecing together theories and ideas. These are the people who spend years trying to perfect the formula to transform things to gold. Alchemists take ideas and concepts, break them down into pieces, and then put them to use. Each of these pieces serve as another element in a larger formula. The more you know about each element, the better your understanding of how the world works.

You’ll often see alchemists working as theorists, philosophers, psychologists, politicians, and scientists. Einstein (INTP), Tesla (INTJ), Leonardo da Vinci (ENTP), and Aristotle (ENTJ) belong to this category. They had theories that other people didn’t quite understand at first. People doubted them. They examined their ideas until they found the connecting pieces. They created a something in the world as a result of understanding things at a fundamental level.


Enchanters use magical ideas and spells for the benefit of people. There’s nothing fully grounded about them and they’re not usually technical. They use values and emotions to bolster themselves or other people and allow them to higher levels. Humanitarian causes and the bigger or deeper picture of how people should interact are at the core of most conversations. They look to ideas of how people’s feelings will be influenced.

Enchanters gravitate towards work with charity, writing, religion, philosophy, and psychology.

Some examples of this group are J.J. Abrams (ENFP), Oprah Winfrey (ENFJ), Bill Watterson (INFP – Calvin & Hobbes), Mahatma Gandhi (INFJ).

Final Thoughts

Blacksmiths (ST) think enchanters (NF) don’t have a strong foot on the ground and are squishy or dreamy.
Enchanters feel that blacksmiths are often too rigid and don’t look for the implied emotional context behind events.

Herbalists (SF) see alchemists (NT) as cold and unmotivated to get real results.
Alchemists think herbalists need to look at the big picture and take some time to think before acting.

Everyone has their own skill-set, strengths, and weaknesses – don’t be blinded by your own preferences and don’t assume everyone sees the world the same way you do!

Your Quest

Think about which profession you tend to fit in. Think about your friends, family, and coworkers. Don’t worry about finding the “right answer” just yet. I want you to embrace a new way of looking at life without getting overloaded.

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